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New CBS show will feature a '70 Z


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Just saw a preview of a new FBI /crime show coming up on CBS. The show is called Criminal Minds. The first episode will feature a 1970 240Z! A killer uses it to lure women victims. I always thought the Z was attractive, but its power must be used for good!

Thought you'd like to know.

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Beat me to it! I just saw this preview on my TiVo last night (was watching all the new season previews to see what looks good) and was going to announce this to the group.

I'm interested in the catalog that the investigator holds up in the preview...never seen it before (at least that issue) and would like to know what it was.

I was impressed to see that they went for the '70 model, the hatch vents were the most obvious indicator. :)

Show premieres next week as noted above...and I'm looking forward to it! If for nothing else to see the Z.

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Great, now chicks will be afraid of Z cars.

That's funny!!! LOL I busted out laughing when I read your post. Crap, I can see it now.....I get pulled over because I look suspicious in my red Z car! Great, one more thing to attract the authorities attention. :ermm:

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If the show becomes a success, it means our cars go up in value!

I'm sure this will be a one shot appearance. The bad guy gets cornered, arrested or shot, car gets impounded and then gets sold by a Hollywood car company that provides stunt cars and has let it sit and rust in LA. Probably will get $5000 on ebay.

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Luckily it is right after CSI, (which is my crack drug) so I won't have any issues remembering to watch! Of all the shows on TV right now, if I just watch one a week, it's gotta be CSI! The cliffhanger with Nick being buried at the end of last season is going to make it good tonight!

You all take care, esp. if you are in Rita's path.

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