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  1. Tell them you are driving your Datsun, and then you call and say your car stopped running in a small town called Canby!!!!! Actually, I must agree with those that have claimed a great time at the gathering, whether judged or voting, or not. I have done both. I think this is a highlight of the year. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town this year. Sitting in the airport as I am writing this. Everyone, please post lots of pics!!. Somebody start a "Datsun Driving" photo thread. I'll drink a liter to you all!
  2. Seems someone told me that, on the 240Z anyway, the wiring harness from the MT won't work on the AT. I can't say from personal experience, cause I haven't swapped to an Auto. Might be worth the investigation. I also know the 240z distributor was dual points on the AT. Can't say why the difference.
  3. Kudos, Randy, on the new paint and the deal. You've got a beautiful car there. I'd be proud to own it as I'm sure you are. Especially since, you've made the effort and investment.
  4. HI Dave, Really nice effort, but I think one row of LEDs doesn't cut it. The last pic is pretty nice
  5. Greg, The swap will not require any cutting into the '72 and '73 240s. Only the series one cars '70 and early '71 need the opening expanded. I thought it was because the shifter on the tranny sat farther back. The 4 speeds in our cars match the 5 speeds.
  6. Got a spare $30k lying around. FYI http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-Datsun-240Z-Vintage-Program-Car_W0QQitemZ330236225282QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item330236225282ebayphotohosting
  7. I believe anything you can apply with a syringe will give you a very poor appearance. I saw why mine looked so bad after removing it. 3 different types of adhesive, 2 of which were a tube product. It yielded a very uneven look. Dimples and such. I would suggest you work it to an edge and then apply a spray. Don't oversaturate it, or stick it too early or the figer prints will be permanant. If you replace it, I have found some of the more expensive headliners that are supposed to be closer to the original are no better than what you'd get from MSA for a much better price. My opinion. Good luck
  8. I have the Tokico setup with their springs and 5 way struts. In my wife's car, it is too stiff. I have ridden in Beandips car and think this is the best solution for a fun street driver. I am planning on replacing her suspension with his setup and installing the Tokicos in my car, where I don't mind the stiffness as much. I bought the Euro spec springs and the struts will come after a couple other projects are done. #1 project is to accumulate $$$$.
  9. Hey Arne, Looks like the plan is coming together. Really looks great. Just a thought. Maybe thats an easier way for me to get the headline glue off for that new headliner B
  10. The Blue on Blue car belongs to ZSaint. That car is as good as it gets.
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