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Leon's Yellow Great Escape Beast


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oh man.. that sort of sums up where we are up to aswell :D

did you track down your team mates? i booked some of my accomodation today, going to set aside the 1st half of the week to try and make it to albury.. if the car get's that far, we should be fine! (but just quietly.. i am worried! VERY worried :D)

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It was a challange trying to get the image to load using work computer, 'net nanny' at work blocks images and offensive files...and I guess this she thought this was both offensive and an image file. Now that Ive got the process figured I will load some more images...even more offensive I hope.

Ive found one team mate (he is out of jail now true but not what you may think ) we droped the broken trailing arms out from bothe the escape car ( see www.thegreatescape.org.au) and the parts supply wreck car. you can just see it in the background..we have had the good arms plated and reinforced and I hope to put them back in this weekend. Of the last 6 weeks I have been home one saturday only makes car prep difficult.

Other minor problems include zip - SFA - nix - 'F All' sponsorship to date. Ive had to start 'working' in Fyshwick Friday nights so now expect the money to roll in real fast.


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i know exactly what you mean,

even when spending 2 days a week (the whole weekend) for effectively the last year, very little seems to ever get done! Today though we managed to drive the car to work, and only 1 stall at the lights! i just hope it doesn't decide to go bad again!

We have bugger all sponsorship too.. so far we have around $350 due to the raffle tickets... and likewise NO corporate sponsorship... this charity rally is going to cost us personally thousands :( i am starting to wonder why we started :( but it is all for a good cause! i assume if we don't make the $2500 sponsorship benchmark, then we have to cough up the rest (along with the fees etc. we have to pay anyway?)

on a good note, we are planning to leave sydney on the tuesday, travel to Yass in that day (just to be cautious, 300km test run if you like!) and then on the wednesday (registration day), we will drive the remainder 300km (hopefully!), adn of course thursday we depart for the big rock.... that is as long as we get out of sydney that is!

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it may be cleverer to write off the entry fee and cut your losses for this year. No benifit in using your own $$. If madness over takes you you can try again for 2006 but start earlyier in the $$ hunt...and the car prep...says he only a few weeks out and the car has no wheels

If we go again in 2006 ( if we go this year ) I think we will use a boring old Oz 6 a fowlcan or commode door. much easier to get parts for and set up etc etc...boring but simple and perhaps cheaper but I doubt it.

2 more images attached I hope



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i am afraid it is a case of too much blood and sweat has already been put into preparing.. so one way or another we will make it there.. we just won't be winning any prizes!

do you have any idea what the model number of the steering wheel boss is? i bought one, but it didn't fit properly (the cancelling pins were too far inwards on the hub)


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and the stickers? we received our door stickers, but it doesn't have an entry number (ours is 73 btw :D) did you have to put your own numbering on? just don't want to turn up without a number :D

also, we are planning to do only the road stages (there is no way our car will stand up to the off road stages), it will be (i am sure) less enjoyable, but the aim is to make the end of the rally :D

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work is crap today and every time I look in here there is more gossip that demands a responns

I will look at steering wheel this weekend and report back next week.

You can probably score a ride in another car for some "wakko" sections if you beg or pay or give good head. hey buy me a beer or 10 and you can have a wakko ride in our car...if we get there...best not when I drive as I will obviously be half rats after all that beer and stopping for a leak every few minutes really slows you down

Yes we must add our own car numbers...find a friendly sign writer and "arrange" ( see how to get a ride above) some cheap numbers one set for each door black, one for top left of windscreen (white is good here) and one for top right corner rear window white or high contrast colour

the rear window number is good because as the faster cars overtake they warn you on CB that they are coming past...and on dirt roads where dust and rocks and grass and bits of dead animals makes viz difficult they ask if all clear and safe to overtake...... not that we ever overtook any one...but we were overtaken a lot...an awful lot....

we are car 56... 65 backwards 65 Roses is CF slogan bit obscure

dont get all worked up...it is only a car and a bit of foolishness to help a charity


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