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A bit of Z432-R info


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G'day Jason,

Remember ...this was written in 1971(?) ..the car was quite new anyway. I can clearly remember the era in Australia, and from the magazines I've seen, much the same in the 'States. A set of American Racing or Ansens wrapped in Polyglas or Redstripes was THE look to give your musclecar the edge in second look stakes.

Here's a coupla ads from the early seventies for tyres and wheels.




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Hi Jim,

Interesting article. Thanks for taking the time to scan and put it up.

It was originally from the January 1974 edition of 'MODERN MOTOR" magazine, I believe.

I'm afraid the article wasn't strictly correct factually, and Mr Don Knight ( the owner of the car ) wasn't being completely truthful about the car either....

First of all, the car being described in the article is clearly a Fairlady Z432 ( PS30 ) and not a Fairlady Z432-R ( PS30-SB ).

Secondly, the journalist writes: "All the stock running gear, suspension, interior layout, transmission, body, etc are 240Z components" which is not true. For example, the suspension ( spring and damper rates ) of the 432 were different to the '240Z' in all market versions, and the diff in the early 432 was the R192 ( equipped with an LSD ) rather than the R180 of the '240Z' ( although it got an R200 from 1973 ).

He also writes ( presumably in good faith ) that the owner claims to have fitted a "Rally option cam" when the S20 had two cams and no "Rally" cam option to choose. He's getting his L-series and S20 option parts mixed up.

He then relates that the car has "Racing headers and a dual pipe exhaust system" when the 432 had what could be considered a 'race' header and dual pipe system as stock equipment.

He also reckons that "A tad has been milled off the head to bring up the compression ratio" which is NOT the way the increase compression on the S20, as it completely messes up the cam drive geometry ( you need to change the pistons to increase compression ). Again, L-gata and S20 practices being mixed up.

He writes that the "differential has been modified for better acceleration - a 4.1 ratio" when the stock ratio on the early 432 was 4.44 and even the later 432 had a 4.375 ratio R200. A 4.1 would not 'improve' acceleration over the stock ratios.

Sorry to make a negative post about the article, but I think it is important to point out the mistakes and confusing information to save them from being quoted as fact in future.

Alan T.

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