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Oil pan color?


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Well, that's a partially correct answer. At the factory, the pans were painted black while in the parts inventory. When they were installed on an engine, they were then sprayed with the matching engine blue. So to have the correct look, painted it black first, then spray it with a coat of engine blue.

Classic Datsun Motorsports has the correct engine blue if you need it.

Hope it helps.


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My original 71 had no blue paint (overspray) on the oil pan. There was some overspray on the motor mount to chassis brackets.

My '78 280 has blue overspray on the black oil pan. I haven't cleaned the grunge off the '70 240 engine to see it yet :rolleyes:

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Carl Beck had told me a long time ago that the factory took black parts out of stock and painted them blue to match the engine. Over time, most of the blue paint would wear off. That's why most of the ones you see are black, or look like they have over spray on them.

We probably need someone like Kats or Alan with access into people from the factory to chime in confirm that though.

Hey Vicky, would color is the oil pan on your 240Z Restoration Program car?


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