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  1. This problem just happend to me on my 73 240z. Everything is new as far as water pump, fan, fan clutch. It ran fine for a while and all of a sudden I have a hole in my radiator at the upper center part. Looked at my fan and its chipped up at the tips. I think that this might be coused by bad engine mounts or something. This sucks.....I dont know what to do. Saro
  2. Thank Steve, your help is greatly appricated. I'll stop by this weekend and pick me one up. Saro
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you all know that I tested the car out by letting it run and disconnectiong the battery cable to see if the alt would keep it running. As soon as I tried this the engine died. This way I knew that the alt was not charging the battery. Turned out that my voltage regualtor was bad. I just changed it and all is well. I wanted to thank all of you for helping me out. I finally got to drive the car around after two years. Man it feels great to be back. Saro
  4. Beandip, You guys might be right. This is my car I've owned for about three years. My old engine gave up, so I basically restored the engine bay with everything new except the wiring. What I did was put a fuse in all the available locations in the fuse box located in the center console thinking that it needs to be there. This could be the reason for the short. I'll charge the battery and take out the excess fuses to see if there is a difference. Thanks, Saro
  5. SteveJ, I replaced all fuses in the center console and have added no electrical aftermarket item. The car dosent even have a stereo. The only aftermarket items are in the engine and suspension. Thanks, Saro
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Victor, Tim's work is amazing. He did such a nice job that It kind of makes up for the tone. As far as the glass pack, mine doesn't have one. It's just the headers with the piping to the muffler. I'm going to go back there this weekend and talk to him about some options. Gotta thank you for recommending his shop. I've sent him a few customers ever since. Thanks, Saro
  7. Thanks for the help guys, SteveJ, By adding fuses I meant replacing fuses that weren't there, not adding more. Sorry for not being clear. Arne, When I turn on the headlights, it dies suddenly like the ignition is being switched off. I drove the car the whole day, parked and started it many times with no problems. My last stop was to Pep Boys were I bought the fuses and replaced all before I left the parking lot. I started the car and drove all the way home with no problems until I parked the car and couldn't start it again. I roll started the car and let it idle to recharge the battery and that's when I discovered turning on the headlights causes the engine to die out. I tried a few times to turn on the headlights but kept turning them off quickly so that I could keep it running. After a few more attempts of this, I kept the lights off and the engine running. I tried to rev the engine and It completely died out with no power. Sorry for the long write up, but the day all this happened was the first day I got it back on the road after two years. I'm getting anxious. Saro Fagerian
  8. Thanks for the advise. I added a few fuses which is why I assumed would be the cause of the problem. Im going to jump start it and disconnect the battery to see if the alt. will keep it running. If it dosen't stay on, then my new alt. is probably bad. I dont have a volt meter so If all else fails, I'm gong to have to take it to my mechanic. Thanks, Saro
  9. Hey Victor, Hows it going? I really dont want to trouble him. But I'll go and ask for his opinion on a different set up. I cant really remeber your exhaust note much but mine kinda sounds like a deep civic with very light buzz. I'll just go back and ask to see what they suggest. But at the moment, I have a bigger problem with my car than the exhaust note. Every time I turn on the headlights while ideling the car dies out. Oh well, I'm almost there. Can't give up now. See you around soon Victor, Saro
  10. Hey Mark, Thanks for the reply. That's what I'm thinking. If the tone keeps bothering me, I'll go with a different muffler. I was originally thinking of going with the piping and a resonator in the tunnel an running it straight through the back. I really liked the sound of the car runnig straight headers, but wanted to keep that tone but much more quieter.
  11. I have a 73 240z which dies out as soon as I turn on the headlights, This wasn't happening before but started happening after I changed my fuses in the center console. The car also has no power even after its been running. The car has a new battery, alt. What gives? Thanks, Saro
  12. Hello Everyone, I just had Morse Muffler shop in Burbank Ca. fabricate the exhaust system on my 73 240z, and I'm not that pleased with the exhaust tone. Morse muffler however did a beautiful job fabricating the system. I have the MSA 6 into 1 coated headers, 2 1/4 inch piping into a SS Magnaflow oval muffler, with a single inlet single outlet muffler, and it sounds a bit like a bumble bee. I drove the car with just the headers before I had this setup ,and it sounded beautiful, but too loud. What can I do to make it sound more like a 60's & 70's era sports car? Thanks, Saro
  13. Thanks Marty, Where do I get the spacers for this setup. I ve never seen them and dont know much about them.
  14. Thanks everyone. Will the vented setup need spacers then? Are the calipers wider on the vented? Thanks, Saro
  15. Hello Everyone, I am thinking of going with the Toyota 4 piston caliper set up and wanted to know if I would have a clearance issue with my 16x7, 0 offset Panasport wheels? Thanks, Saro
  16. Email z@datsundude.com I think his name is Andy Russell I got mine from him for under $300 bucks Excellent looking and very cheap in price. Good Luck, Saro
  17. Excellent Idea Jonathan. I have been trying to figure out a set up that sounds a bit different from the rest but they seem so limited. Maybe this way we can hear a certain tone we like and get a direction towards what we want to achieve. Thanks, Saro
  18. Hey Gary, If it's the same as bleeding the clutch but in the pattern you mentioned then yes. If not, then I'm going to have a mechanic shop do it just because it involves stopping the car and my safety. As far as the bench bleeding of the master cylinder, can't I just install everything and bleed it from the actual master cylinder bleeder valves. I never understood why this should be done off the car. The funny thing is when I removed the old master cylinder I pulled out the rubber around the rod in the booster and the pedal felt normal. Anyway I'm going to pick up the new brake booster today and try to install it all. Can you get back to me regarding the bench bleeding. I really appreciate your help. Saro
  19. Thank you all for your help. Sorry for not being clear. All the brake lines in the engine bay are new with no brake fluid in them yet. The original problem was that I was attempting to bleed the master cylinder but could not get the rear reservoir to get any fluid out. So I went and purchased a new master and replaced it. Before this point I did not have the problem described in this thread. As soon as it was installed, I went and pressed on the pedal and noticed that it felt totally normal 75% of the way down, but then it lost pressure and it collapsed. The normal feeling I'm describing is basically the pressure from the booster. I also noticed that the master cylinder was not an air tight fit on the booster so it was leaking air. Now I have gone and ordered a new brake booster so that all is new. I will reinstall everything and see if the problem still exists.
  20. I look around couldnt find anything. Is it the rubber that goes around the rod that sticks out of the Brake booster?
  21. Thanks! Do I need to remove the brake booster to help find the "reaction disk" or will I be fine just removing the Master cylinder? Also after I find it what do I do with it? Thanks alot! Saro
  22. Hey everyone, When I push down on my brake pedal, it has pressure almost all the way and then it just falls out of pressure and collapses. I have no oil in the lines and the brake master cylinder is brand new. So basically lines and BMC are new with no oil. Is this normal or is something wrong. The only pedal I have as of now is only the air from the Brake Booster. Can someone help. This is the only thing keeping me from driving my car after 2 years. Thanks Saro
  23. Thanks for the help guys. Sean, very helpful link, appreciate it. I just found out that the muffler I wanted (Ractive M040) is now discontinued . Guess it wasn't meant to be. I thought this would be a nice dual stacked muffler for the Z. Any one know of a muffler with a single inlet and a dual outlet stacked on top of each other with a stainless finish? Thanks, Saro
  24. If not, what other aftermarket mufflers are being used in a 240z? This way I can check their specs and see if it's comparable. Thanks, Saro
  25. Will a 19in in length muffler fit in a 240z. There's a muffler I am thinking about getting but dont know if it will clear the normal fitting location. The specs are, Body length: 19in, Cross section H x W: 11" x 4 1/2, Shape: Oval. Thanks, Saro
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