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  1. Clean convertible 240Z

    ZTherapy used to sell a how to dvd on the convertible Z top. Included where to find materials and rear deck lid. I believe it was from a Triumph model. IIRC.
  2. i can see again!!!

    So peaceful looking
  3. Wait, is that a Black Pearl edition? Are you sure you want change the bumpers? It seems to me that the Black Pearl is worth more that the "regular" 280. Just curious.
  4. 1978 Black Pearl

    Forgot about that site. Good info. I started searching when I couldn't remember if those mirrors were correct or not. Such a good looking Z, the black pearl.
  5. 1978 Black Pearl

    Actually I think those mirrors are correct--my bad.
  6. Float levels finally right! FYI

    Now those don't look half bad. Hmm... guess I'm getting the munchies.
  7. Float levels finally right! FYI

    EEEWWWWWW! Dried beef in a jar? That sounds as bad as pickled eggs! Lol. Glad it worked for ya'. Don't mind me, I'm working on my 4th Arrogant Bastard!
  8. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    I was going to say 3". Wow, she's a bottom scrapper. That would drive me nuts but I bet I would love the ride.
  9. Rebuilt engine idle problems, running rich

    Lets concentrate on one thing at a time. Replace your stem seals to stop the oil burning and then we can start with the rich condition. Because you live in CA it's going to probably be difficult to pass emissions, going by what you have described as issues so far. So I would ask the Z mechanics to put it on the sniffer and tell you how far away you are from passing smog. I have to do that with my 77 every time. Usually just a quick adjustment and I'm there. If you do that before you start cleaning connections and adjusting on stuff you'll see just how much better you will it make just by cleaning connections. Tell them to just test it for you. You don't want to be labeled a "Gross Polluter". That could happen if you're running too rich and they run it through the system.
  10. 1978 Black Pearl

    Those are not the correct Black Pearl side mirrors right or are they? For some reason I'm thinking they look more like the 75-77 mirrors. Not trying to pick it apart, just wondering.
  11. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    Yeah I saw those on his site. They look awesome man! Damn, it looks like you are barely 4" off the ground at the exhaust!
  12. Nissan CVT Xtronic Transmission

    My wife drives an 05 Nissan Altima SL 2.5 liter, no problems at just under 200k miles. But thats on the "old" style tranys, not the CVT's. I'm a firm believer in maintenance on any vehicle. I get my wifes trany power flushed every 50k miles and the fluid stays a bright pinkish color like a well maintained trany fluid should look. No issues with mechanical's yet, knock on wood. My neighbor has 2 of the newer body style Nissan Rogue's and they love them. Said it took getting used to not feeling the transmission shift. As far as a tranny only lasting 120k miles and failing is absurd. Maybe that particular one was a lemon so to speak.
  13. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    Worn struts will cause wheel hop. Need to have them checked out. Does the back end sag a lot during acceleration?
  14. Rebuilt engine idle problems, running rich

    I didn't see any either. Must be something new going on that's why I suggested new videos and or pics. I'm having a hard time with the "they didn't pass me because of visible smoke". Really need to see some video, not saying it isn't happening, just need to see it.