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  1. Obviously you don't live in California or anywhere that has a "visual" inspection as part of the emissions testing. Or do you have emissions testing at all?
  2. And if it is still the original CAT there should be a heat shield over it. If you have that then more than likely you have one. I know for a fact that a rich running Z wil,l over a short period of time, destroy a cat. Ask me how I know. Iv'e gone through 2 in the last 7 years.
  3. A good tune-up, as mentioned above, is a good start. I do a tune-up on my 77 twice a year. Over kill? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't give me any trouble. Sometimes I think it's due to boredom. I adjust my valves twice a year and probably only put about 5,000 miles at the most. Lets see a pic of the plugs also if you can. Are they all the same, sooty?
  4. The cap and rotor are different. I did the swap in my 77.
  5. Check fusible links under the 2 white covers on the passenger side. I had a loose one once that would cause the car to stall out while driving.
  6. Try mikeszshop.com They're in Whittier.
  7. oh yeah, duh . Completely forgot that's where you were going with this. I had a brain fart I guess. Was thinking back at the problems I had trying to locate a descent one at a descent price. Prices were all over the board.
  8. Oh yeah, still a good price. Just thought the last bid made it to 25k and thats what it sold at.
  9. What he is telling you is you should be seeing coolant leaking out not water. If you are seeing water then you have NO coolant in the system. You probably just have it, coolant, thinner than what is recommended ant it "looks" like water. Take a white paper towel and soak it up and you'll see a green tint to it.
  10. Really? The bid was at 25k. It dropped?
  11. That's a great price! Looking for a deal like that myself so I can put my 77 on stands for an overhaul.
  12. Did something similar above to my water inlet and it worked great! Took a couple hours but worth the effort. I couldn't source a new one. NLA.
  13. NOPE! And we have Schwarzenegger to thank for that when he was State Governor. Did away with the "Roll-over" I believe it was called. The '76 and '77 models were next to go to smog exempt until he stopped it.
  14. Yeah no matter what it's hard to find a descent hood anymore. And at a "respectable" price. I procrastinated and missed out at buying a new one from BD when they had them. I have a used one now that I'm working on (280) and its a nightmare. loudoun, there are a couple out here on craigslist in La Puente CA.https://images.craigslist.org/00707_4mztF5e5TdN_600x450.jpg Not sure how desperate you are but maybe the price will be right. Couldn't hurt to call, I guess. The white one looks pretty good with minimal surface rust. Good luck.
  15. Shipping will be the deal breaker probably. IIRC its around $100 to ship. So that would make it pricey IMHO.