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  1. Green connector unplugged.

    I've done that before, just don't recall any change. So I left it plugged in. Curiosity got the best of me when I saw the green connector disconnected. That's all.
  2. Green connector unplugged.

    It does actually. I should have given it another look, would have seen the wires for the connector coming from the "box" . My wife told me the other day that I am blind as a bat, lol. So I guess that would be a good way to disable the BCDD if it were giving someone a problem right?
  3. Green connector unplugged.

    I just recently acquired a speedo for a 280z. I think everyone that owns a 280 knows what the backside of the speedo looks like. The green connector, shown in the pic, shows it unplugged. I believe it is for the BCDD but I'm not 100% sure. I found it in the schematic but its not clear to me because it doesn't show it as a separate connector. Can anyone verify it is for the BCDD?
  4. Yep, April 17th. I'm going to watch it.
  5. leak at pinion gear fixed

    Zcardepot has the o-ring and seal. The "top hat" seal for the cable I already had. Was a good used one. If you take the old one to Lowes you'll find one that works in the hardware section with all the bins. Just look for that style gasket there.
  6. Classic Z Car apparel

    Now that could be a worthy reproduction.
  7. Another 280 Seat Project Completed

    Those look really nice! Is it possible the fit was because of the foam padding? Thicker possibly?
  8. Need a rear bearing spacer!!!

    Try these guys. I don't see if its NLA. Bay Ridge Nissan 532 65th st, Brooklyn, NY 11220 718-238-4776 parts@bayridgenissan.com SPACER-BEARING (43090E4100) YOUR PRICE $12.02
  9. Need a rear bearing spacer!!!

    Am I wrong here for thinking the shop should be responsible for replacing this? They f'd it up, they need to replace it.
  10. 240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    Mine works and I am keeping it.
  11. 240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    I found mine and its identical to CO's tach as you can see.
  12. 240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    I have one for a 280 in my rafters somewhere. I'll try and get to it today and post a pic of it.
  13. Yet another EFI help thread :/

    I see where you mentioned about the popping thru the intake. Pretty sure thats what I'm hearing in post #13 video as you try raising the rpms a few times. That would indicate a lean condition. Be careful as this can do damage to the AFM. You could judge how bad of a vacuum leak you have by removing your oil fill cap while the engine is running, warmed up, and or checking with a vacuum gauge. Pulling the cap will cause the engine to damn near stall or completely stall if you have NO vacuum leaks. Looks like you have a reading of 15 at idle. That is a little low in my book. Mine is 19. I'd start at the afm boot between the afm and throttle body and go from there. This is how my 77 acted several years ago when it developed a vacuum leak at that afm boot I just mentioned. I did have another one but don't recall where it was. I have CRS right now. Maybe when I remember it I will post it.
  14. Yet another EFI help thread :/

    See if this works for you. This is the video CO is talking about.
  15. Speedometer-Anyone Recognize This?

    George, do you feel the love yet?