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  1. I figured it was important. Just couldn't remember why. Good info, thanks.
  2. You could put one of those filters everyone talks about between the tank and the fuel pump as added protection from the rust in the tank. I believe it's called the G-3 filter.
  3. It's used to hold everything together. Kinda like the stuff used in racing pits.
  4. They have the fusible links as well. The engine bay has that nice all original look to it. A little valve train noise is normal. As long as its not excessive you'll be fine.
  5. How important is that baffle? I imagine Nissan had a good reason for it, no?
  6. Motorsport has them for $7 and change. The fusible link cover.
  7. Those actually look real good! You don't need to worry about those for awhile Jai. Now go drive some more and enjoy.
  8. Don't have that issue but have you considered spraying it down with wd40? It's a water repellent. Thinking about it....I had the moisture issue where the harness connects to the tps. That's where I used the wd40. Not sure it'll work inside the tps.
  9. Man I sure could use those headlight scoops!
  10. Also correct according to my microfiche.
  11. According to Z car club S.D. it is the right one for the R200.
  12. Get a pic that shows both sides if you can. Preferably the distributor and wires. Looks like a holy mess in there.
  13. Bet it is fun to drive.
  14. S30, I looked at them today. I like what they have to offer. Just need to make up my mind. Thanks.
  15. Do you by any chance have a link to the ebay site? Your seats look nice.