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  1. Slower today for some reason

    I'm not experiencing any forum speed issues. Maybe your wi-fi is week?
  2. Jai's Status

    Looking good Jai! Can't wait to see photos of her all done.
  3. Jai's Status

    That's a great price for everything Jai! Now the repairs can begin.
  4. Excessive fuel smell- please help

    Yes I do but again, I think you are smelling exhaust instead of fuel. If you're running a little rich, it's probably mixed in your exhaust and you might smell that as well. You can get a smoke machine and look for cabin leaks and I bet you'll find them in the areas noted above.
  5. Excessive fuel smell- please help

    I started with the hatch seal--it was shot. Then discovered my tail light assembly gaskets were leaking a little. Once I did those all was good and is still good after 14 years.
  6. Excessive fuel smell- please help

    And I've experienced those areas to leak exhaust in my Z
  7. Wow -- '74 260Z sells for $46,000.00

    It's an impressive number for sure.
  8. Wow -- '74 260Z sells for $46,000.00

    Wow, and that's with su's instead of flat tops! So not an original car.
  9. Excessive fuel smell- please help

    I've not had a fuel smell burn my eyes but have had strong exhaust burn my eyes. Are you sure it's fuel and not exhaust? Just asking. If it does turn out to be exhaust, check your rear hatch seal.
  10. New garage

    Man i'd give my left ... for a garage that big. Nice!
  11. Pay it forward!!!

    PM sent.
  12. Pay it forward!!!

    I would set the one I'm presently using for emissions testing, should have been more clear on that. So I'm looking for a "good" one to run in my Z daily. Especially because the one's ZedHead has, has the backfire valve. That is original.
  13. Pay it forward!!!

    ZedHead, I'll buy one of those AFM"s for my 77. I would like to set one up for passing emissions and only using it for emissions testing for my Z. You can PM me with amount you want for it. I'm thinking the one for the 78 will work for me if it does have the fuel pump contacts in it like you say.
  14. L28 Head Gasket Failure

    The noise alone should have pinpointed it, but then again we weren't there to witness it. There should have been clues that the plug was backing out though. Like hissing as it backed out. Which brings another question, how did the plug back out with the plug wire attached?