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  1. I Have Hagerty. $161 per year no limit on miles, 10k value on my 77 280. Happy with it. Maybe I'll do a comparison of the two. State Farm wanted way too much here in CA. It was around $500 per year without the coverage I get with Hagerty, IIRC.
  2. Oh yeah, know that all too well.
  3. The zx cap is taller. IIRC
  4. I know all about the emissions testing. What a PITA it is here. My Z has a Cat so this last time I put a new on to pass!
  5. You really should replace the seals as well. If they aren't very flexible and on the soft side then you know what to do. Its just a good idea period.
  6. Maybe he should install a fuel pressure gauge and observe it at full throttle. Just to rule out fuel flow. I had thought lack of advance timing but now I'm not sure that it would give the symptoms Senor Grizzly describes. I think some history on this car would be nice also. Did he just buy it, Has it sat for any length of time, Is it all stock except for egr delete and why did he delete it.
  7. I use these and am happy. Installed them 3 yrs ago. http://www.ebay.com/itm/75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-83-Datsun-280Z-Fuel-Injectors-FJ707-FJ3-/162473450992?fits=Model%3A280Z&hash=item25d42c1df0:m:mqP-kgYey2FHyrChcpHSIlg&vxp=mtr
  8. It does actually. I was thinking more of idle. Clearly Senor Grizzly mentioned higher rpm's. Don't know why I went that direction. At what rpm's does the sputtering happen? Does it clear up as soon as you let off the throttle?
  9. Maybe you're sucking air at one of your delete area's, like at the egr plate, etc? Spray some stater fluid at those spots, being careful, to see if you get a rpm spike. And then what ZH said, how was it running before the delete?
  10. Interesting, good info guys!
  11. You can install a washer or two under the knob to get it to line up. I had to do the same.
  12. Exactly, I look at mine and know for a fact I'm looking at more $$ to restore my 77 than this 76 is selling for. If I had the money I would be tempted to buy it.
  13. I agree with you Greg. It's, for the most part, in really good shape and should bring more than the asking price. JMO
  14. Site, is that a new sending unit?
  15. On my 77 I get the needle fluctuation. Especially during long wide turns on the freeway. Been like that since I bought the car. Doesn't move much. More so when it's about half a tank.