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  1. You know, I still have never seen one of these efi systems go so rich that the car wouldn't run. But I guess its possible? Have you checked spark yet? Is there a good strong spark? Plus you still haven't answered the question asked regarding your above statement. Are they wet before start up?
  2. Count your lucky stars on that one!
  3. I think this is a dead giveaway that he has EFI
  4. Was this before starting it? Im assuming it is. Strange. Hope you don't have much fuel getting past the rings.
  5. Wow! That's a lot of money to just throw at parts not knowing if it really requires it. Do you have a FSM? It has a lot of good info. And if you do post some numbers so we have something to look at to better help you solve the problem(s). There are some knowledgeable people on this site but they can't help you without some true numbers. Mine ended up being a couple things. Bad injector pig tails and IIRC a bad coolant sensor. But I was just a little rich, not flooding out.
  6. I've used the same one site. Works great.
  7. Maybe supply some actual emissions numbers for the people that have to smog their Z's like me. I would like to see HC's and CO numbers. I would love a system that I don't have to spend all day adjusting just to pass emissions testing. I would still have to get C.A.R.B. approval as well, maybe? But it sure would be nice to have a system that doesn't require total re-wiring and all the other complicated mapping of some other systems that are available. Right now it takes a few trips back and forth to my smog shop for me to get the numbers just right with my stock FI. I'm sure there are lots of people out there that feel my pain here in CA.
  8. That just looks awesome!
  9. Cool Cliff. We only have a certain amount of time to get it all done too. Makes for a busy few months for sure. Papabear, just keep us posted on any progress. I'll do what I can get up there in the near future.
  10. Oh I'm glad you got her rolling. If this happened last week I'd have been there to lend a hand. I just started Dorm renovations at CSUCI last Monday. Unfortunately I'm not available until the 1st of September. I'll be working six days a week 12 plus hrs a day. At least you can get her moved now. If you haven't got her running by the time I'm done with the university then I'll be available to help. But I'll bet she'll be running before then. Sure wish I could be there now.
  11. Ahh, the VR. Was hoping thats all it was. It's the cheapest of the two. Glad RedBird is fixed again Jai.
  12. I suspect the voltage regulator. I had a similar situation. Charging system was over charging. The reason I say overcharging is because mine was all of a sudden nearly reading 15 volts and would never go over 13.25 even at revving the engine when the voltage regulator was working.
  13. I Have Hagerty. $161 per year no limit on miles, 10k value on my 77 280. Happy with it. Maybe I'll do a comparison of the two. State Farm wanted way too much here in CA. It was around $500 per year without the coverage I get with Hagerty, IIRC.
  14. Oh yeah, know that all too well.
  15. The zx cap is taller. IIRC