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  1. How would you recommend unplugging the return line.. steam it out add chemicals? Try maybe pressure washing ,maybe a radiator shop might help? Small drill bit?
  2. Like I said my return line on the fuel rail has a pinhole orifice I stuck a needle in it and it's blocked off won't go through is it supposed to be that way
  3. This is what I did I looked at the return line orifice it has a pinhole very small I stuck a needle in it and it wouldn't go through it was blocked by something in there hard also blew on the return line to the tank it seemed like it was okay but did not blow freely

  4. is it possible that air is getting sucked in at the Overflow tubes on the float Bowl back down to the fuel line? I stuck a needle in the orifice in the return line and it seems like it's plugged
  5. while I'm running the engine I place my finger on the Overflow tube on the float Bowl it was sucking air on both of them.. when I put my finger on it ,engine try to die. Also check my fuel return line at the orifice tiny pinhole try to stick a pin in it wouldn't go in something very hard like metal is it supposed to be like that or is it supposed to be free of obstructions??
  6. my 72 Z has a short one on the front and a long one on the back I also took apart the mechanical fuel pump while on the engine and check the diaphragm it was good.. started the engine ran good for 10 minutes and then bubbles started appearing starving. Carburetors ..are there any good videos out there showing you how to tune 240Z carburetors the right way ? I might have to take it to a z mechanic anyone know a good one in the Houston area
  7. I took the back carburetor float out to inspect it by the firewall it has a long needle in it like the pictures you have on the float the one on the left it's the one I had in the rear carburetors by firewall..if you are saying the long valve goes on the front carb than mine are on wrong.. . is that the right one? yes the AC works a guy just put 13 freon in it with the fittings and it cools good since before summer. . that mechanic said those AC compressors are indestructible hadn't been used since 1981. license plate
  8. also I got a gas can and ran a hose from the mechanical pump to it and still getting air to the carburetors and when I shut the engine off air is coming back towards a gas can so the fuel pump must be sucking air .. ever heard of mechanical fuel pumps doing this?
  9. Thanks for the great pictures also the float jet needle that is longer goes to the back carburetors and the short one go to the front carburetors right??
  10. thanks for the pictures that explain the different sizes in the floats. Are there filters in the float bowls you need to change too or check?
  11. tomorrow when I have time I'm going to try the clear hose..thanks
  12. thank you for these pictures my carburetors are just like these it has a n otch that's in the way when you try to pull floats head. When you change the needles on the float bowls is there there one for the rear and one for of Front... different ones? also can you purchase any that have a greater flow rate? I have blown real hard into new and old needles and hardly any air comes out. so maybe I need to buy one with a greater flow rate
  13. yes what's the trick to get the floats off and put back on I had a hard time getting them off and a harder time putting them back on I didn't want to damage them. a guy that works on them in the Houston area said to set them at a quarter of an inch from the top? I'm also trying to find a fitting that I can put on the tank drain plug so I can connect the fuel hose. Thanks for all your help
  14. Well I just ran a braided fuel line from the tank to electric fuel pump in the engine compartment not as much bubbles as before when the engine gets hot the clear fuel hoses next to the engines start bubbling go to the rail and then to the Su carburetors the clear hoses that go to the carburetors are almost empty barely getting fuel what do you recommend should I set the float bowls. Hoses on top of the float Bowl that go to the air cleaner are sucking air in. when I put my finger on it to stop the air the carburetor wants to die.. gasoline in the clear fuel lines are getting too hot next to the engine and the gas is turning to Vapor I think. I'm going to get a can of gas put the hose in it and see if I get any bubbles in the carburetor fuel lines and see if they fill up like they should