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  1. There are full size pics of the cars in the mag, I cant fit them on the scaner.
  2. oh yes there is two z in this issue, I pickied it up at the local grocery store. I'm a super bad proof reader.
  3. New magazine is out just for us old schools
  4. I just wached two 240Z get chopped up:cry: on as show called Car Warriors. Its on speed channel. The sad thing is that people dont know, all the cars on shows like this go to the crusher http://www.speedtv.com/programs/car-warriors/
  5. My Nissan Cube has electric power steering. You realy cant tell a differnce in it. You can not here it work at all unlike a hydralic system. But it looks just like a rack type system mounted to the tie bars.
  6. The ones I have are a sticker. I need one more for my wheels. Found one on ebay but cant bring my self to pay his price or the ridicules price he is charging for shipping.
  7. Looks great, got a question. I got a free 81 280ZX with bad body and stripped out trany. Is that to original head that was fuel injected? On the intake ports it has cut outs for the fuel injecters to spray into the head. I am asking because I'm going to put that fuel injected engine in my 240 and run a carb set up like yours.
  8. Wow this helps me out to thanks so much to. I'm getting things ready to start the same project. I'm putting new floors in and using a set of Bad Dog Parts rear fraim rails to repair my T/C bracket. What is the best way to remove the black tar under coating? I see from the picks yours are nice and clean.
  9. I got a free 81 280ZX, body was wasted and 1 or 2 gear is bad. Is the lower gearing the same on the 4 speed. I would like to have a 5 speed in my 240. My curent 4 speed is in good shape. Would I be able to put the lower gears from my 4 speed into the 5 speed?
  10. Hay all there is a nice 74 S30 in October addition. http://www.importtuner.com/features/impp_1010_1974_nissan_s30_fairlady_z/index.html
  11. Who all sell Zedd Findings floor panels in the US?
  12. I'm into R/C cars and this was sent to me on Face Book. Don't know if they will use this as a car ad on TV or not, but its still cool. http://www.youtube.com/nissancanada