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    An absolute beauty..well done!
  2. I live in London and have relatives in L.A. It seems the best place to buy parts is the states. Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand with names of firms in and around Los Angeles for ordering parts. I get over there every now and again and can pick up and take the parts back home avoiding cost of shipping etc. At the moment I'm looking to do the Eibach upgrade for my 71 240Z. Who would I contact for springs and spacers? Any help would be appreciated. Saint:ermm:
  3. Saint

    my "supered" Sun 1/18 Z

    Now thats good looking car!!!
  4. Yes to both questions. Thanks for the advice though, I'll go for the master cylinder bleed and see if it improves. Cheers
  5. I've got the same problem with double pumping the brake pedal. I also have a problem which, I think, is associated with Servo unit. When the power comes off the brake pedal goes down a long way before engaing. I'm connecting this with a fault in the servo unit pressure. Would this be correct??
  6. That sounds about right...I have had my 71 restored and paid about £10000 all up. That's about $15000 US. This was a completly out-costed job. I spent a further £3000 on new seats, wheels, tyres and various tweaks that I wanted to the car. You can see pictures of the kind of detail in my gallery.
  7. 195's give much sharper steering. 205's are a weighty tyre. I like the car to handle light at the front.
  8. Mike, the weather thing is spot on and this layout/theme is the bollocks. I'm on Mac OSX and it looks bloody cool. Cheers:bunny:
  9. Alan That would be fantastic! Just give us a yell if you find one and I'll come over and collect it. Thanks mate. If you can't I'll wait to see how Bill gets on. Yep, up and running and loving it. Changed front wheels from 205's to 195's and have done some soundproofing. Tweaking, tweaking .....
  10. Bill..that would be a great solution..give me a yell when you've had a go.. Thanks again GuyLOL
  11. Bill, thanks so much for the information...unfortunately I live in the UK and they don't seem to be able to ship abroad. I'll have get around it another way. But at least I know were they are. Thanks very much Guy
  12. My one is shot. Has anyone found a replacement for this part or someone who reconditions.:cross-eye
  13. Saint

    All silver

    No it's just that the bumpers aren't on and the rear plate around the lights is painted silver instead of being black.
  14. Where would I look for the EURO bumpers?
  15. Saint

    70's wanker shot

    Thanks Dazza, I think your wagon may have suited better. Mate your wagon is ****ing beautiful! Absolutely mint.
  16. Saint


    Beautiful car mate!
  17. No probs. OK....my wife and I moved to the UK from New Zealand and have been living here for around 2 years. The best place for a car nut to live. The brits love their cars and their racing - not that the government gives the industry any help! The place is steeped in racing history and their inventiveness and enthusiasm know no bounds in terms of car creation. When I was much younger I had an Australian 260Z (among others) that I pulled to pieces and put back together. It cost me a bomb but I loved every minute of it! That started my appreciation for these awesome cars. At the beginning of this year I was sitting down with not much to do (this is always dangerous) and was contemplating buying a car for around £10000UK - $15000US to go touring in. Not as easy as it seems because there are a lot of cars you can buy for that. I was reading a Classic Car magazine and there was an article on Fourways Engineering in Kent. Geoff Jackson had been racing and rallying 240Zs for years and had a business restoring Jaguars, Ferrari, Aston Martin's and 240Z. His own car was pictured in the article. I've already posted photos of his beautiful green 240Z. The choice was, I can either buy a new car and have it depreciate, or I can pay for someone to restore one and have it appreciate. As I believe the Datsun 240Z to be one of the most important classics in motorcar history and I love them the choice was not an issue. If there was an issue it was finding a professional bunch to do it. One trip to Fourways was enough to con firm their commitment to the brand and the quality of restoration. He has also amassed good reserves of original spare parts. In London the word “garage” has no meaning and I therefore have screw-all opportunity to get under a bonnet myself. I decided to pay Geoff a visit and get a quote. I basically just asked him how much he believed it would cost to restore one to the condition of his. Geoff said approx £10000. I'm very lucky to have a partner-in-crime that is very supportive (she's from Perth, Australia too, Halz). So we committed ourselves to bringing a Californian model back to life. Geoff was ordering up a couple of vehicles - he imports them from California or Australia and marries the wonderfully clean body shells from the hotter climates to the UK interiors (dashes are more likely to drown than crack here!). He also converts them to right hand drive for the UK. This is a bonus due to the fact that New Zealand is also right-hand drive and it may ends up back there in the future. We started in February and it's taken till now to complete…..didn't want to rush it. To tell you the truth, it's as much fun watching the project grow, as it is to actually drive. I would have loved to get my hands greasy but I’m also realistic and that just it's feasible where I live. Stuck to finding and making hard to find items and bugging Geoff with my weekly photographic pilgrimages out to his workshop. Anyway, the spec is a 1971 Californian body No. 28120 born in April and in it's original yellow. I wanted to achieve a car that looks European in flavour. Hence the Mercedes silver. It's a creamy colour, wonderfully sprayed up by Geoff's in-house painter Barry and complements the Z perfectly. It brings it into the modern world. (after all I want it to be around for another 30 years!) The engine was rebored to 280 spec and had its seats hardened. Short stroke. I also asked him to anodise and rebuild the twin carb set up. It has a stainless exhaust manifold and stainless Janspeed exhaust system. The suspension is lowered around a turn and a half and we’ve replaced all shocks with Nissan originals. All bushes, u-joints etc replaced. While Fourways were cracking into that, I was hunting down suitable replacements for the wheels, seats and steering wheel. The Australian Superlites are very period and suit the car perfectly. The Porsche Carrera seats rock! While having much larger side support are of a similar shape to the originals so again suit the car. They are also adjustable and heated!!! I went for a Teckniq detachable steering. While I like the anti-thief value of this system I’m now not so sure on the size and look. Could be paying Moto-Lita a visit shortly. Everything else is original. The wheels were around £450- $675US, the tyres are 205 /15 /60 Bridgestone 720 Potenzas, The seats were £600 - $900US. Interior wise, the carpets have been replaced. The only things left to do are to order up new rear plastic panels as the old ones are a little tired and find some bumpers as the ones that came off the original car where crap (bugger!) The ones on the car at the moment are fibreglass. Not particularly comforting. That's about it. Was that short enough?
  18. The silver is Mercedes 774. I wanted a more contemporary colour. It makes the black interior and bits seem cleaner.
  19. The seats are Porsche Carrerra circa 1984. But being that Porsche tend to stick to tried and true formats I'm sure most years will be the same or similar. They are the bollocks to sit in! Much cheaper to get from a wreckers than a new set of Recaro's (and they're leather Recaro's anyway) Adjustable and heated. The connections are straight forward as well. Yeah, Ride of the month is great but costs more:ermm:
  20. Saint

    70's wanker shot

    A kid climbing an Oak tree wondering if and when he's going to fall out.
  21. :D Awesome!! Thanks guys for the compliments and Car of the Month. I'm very proud of her. The boy's at Fourways have done a fantastic job and I couldn't be happier.
  22. Saint

    Nearly Ready

    Thanks Michael. Silver rocks! The one I've used is lighter than usal and I'm totally happy with it.
  23. Cheers George. In the end I contacted Lancaster and they were also good. Got 7500 miles for about £350. Still have to organise fixed value with photos and assessment etc. I'll ring these guy's anyway for a comparison. Thanks for your help!
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