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  1. name comes from old irc day 15 years ago, when the name limitation was 8 characters.
  2. sorry, was working on my Z instead of posting. I'll try to reverse that to pay more attention to you on the forums. My apologies if I left you unattended, won't happen again.
  3. Your first reaction was to correct me regarding metric vs. imperial size. It's called being passive-aggressive. In that case, you're just a lame purist, since even the mention of non-metric system throws you off (that being said, I prefer metric over SAE). Your "ability" to pride on yourself by catching "obvious" things, top notch, my hat's off to you, sir. I can only wish I had this gift. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: My MSA 1" sway bar vs. the stocker. Diameter is clearly at least 40% larger than stock
  4. Let's see... response is 5/8 (btw, af240z is me, I forgot my login, created a new one, then remembered this one, just so you know it's the same person. And I noticed your edited your reply to apologize for the 'harsh' response). Your first line was: And that's why you got that reply. There may have been late year entries for 73 240z that got stock factory sway bars, but the original poster noted that it's a '71.
  5. ah yes, i forgot how this 'purist circlejerk' site operates if you notice, your previous posts do not list 17mm front sizes. and there's no typical rear sway bar size from factory, since a 240z in US never got one from the factory. Common rear aftermarket sway bar sizes are 3/4 from suspension techniques, and 7/8 from MSA.
  6. auxilary

    MSA Twice pipes

    We just swapped an L28 into The Wingnut's 260Z, and installed the twicepipe system. It's QUITE loud. Here's a video clip http://www.datsunracing.com/other/wingzl28.avi
  7. got mine today, pics coming when I get home
  8. wound up getting the gunmetal ones for myself. will have pics after i pick'em up
  9. Louis, hope you don't mind that I borrowed your picture and linked it in the group buy thread. I also linked your thread and credited you with the owner ship of the Z. this is just to help people get an idea of what it looks like on the Z thanks
  10. the sportmax 002s are 14lbs each. the rota grids i THINK are about 17lbs.
  11. Hey guys... since I didn't see a group buy forum, I figure this appropriate place to post them. A good friend of mine works at autornd.com, and they're running specials for Z guys for rota and sportmax wheels. Originally I posted these on hybridz, but since all Z guys can benefit, goes to you too Rota Grid 16x8 Rota Grid group buy info Sportmax 002 15x8 SportMax 002 group buy info Both of the wheels shown are on my car, and all the information is in the threads regarding contact, pricing, and specifics about each wheel. Mike, I'm not spamming your forums -alex
  12. if you didn't want to see hybrid Z cars, you probably shouldn't be looking in a "modified Zcar" forum that's listed under "Z car conversions" :stupid:
  13. I remember i was ata junkyard, jumping on a 4foot breaker bar trying to get a lugnut on a wheel to budget so i could get the rims. Couldn't do it, and the breaker bar was bending. The guy next to me was using a snapon cordless impact gun rated at 500 ft lbs of torque to remove teh head off an ka24de in a 240sx. He came up, put the impact gun on, and broke all the lugs loose in a heartbeat.
  14. you guys forget... what are the chances of 2 of 4 jackstands failing at the same time? even better, what are the chances of 2 of the 4 failing JUST in the front or JUST the rear, or both on one side? Very slim. Why am I pointing this out? because even if ONE jackstand fails, the car will still be held up by the other 3. Even if the jackstand latch mechanism fails, the car will only travel down as far as the base of the jackstand, which is usually half its height.
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