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    Early 1974 260z 4 speed
  1. Hi- I would like to learn more about the chrome caps that you found for your Konig wheels. My name is Eric Hoffman, please write to me at or 404-563-5657.

  2. Have any of you ever used a Tornador ? Check it out
  3. Automotive car wash & paint repair
  4. Hi I just started a new car wash and paint repair business. Here is the facebook link. Any words of wisdom from veterns?
  5. I agree that car looks like a 260z, but im not an expert. Those bumpers and the tail lights just look more like those from a 260z. Could it be a later year 240 like a 73?
  6. I have the same set up on my Z. 3-2 headers and MSA twice pipes.I had the twice pipes put on this past spring. I would recommend getting them put on like you are planning, by a professional. My pipes had to be heated and bent to fit right and the welding is a good idea to. They will hang a little low but you can have them raised up with the use of another bracket that will have to be welded. All and all I love them they look great and sound sweet. They are very loud but that is what I was going for. I think you will be happy with them. Good Luck Chris
  7. I love his style. Sorry to hear about his passing.
  8. Hey Arne those appliance wheels were on my early 260 when I bought it and I didnt have any issues with them(see my gallary) I think the tire size was 195/60/14. I still have the wheels in my garage with the tires still on them. Chris
  9. mars23z

    MSA Twice pipes

    UPDATE!! Well I finally got my twice pipes installed. I love them they sound great and look great. I can say one thing they are definatly NOT bolt on and go. I had one of the guys in the shop where I work put them on. No big deal but he did have to heat some pipes and bent them a little to make them fit right and welded a few brackets and hangers to hold them nice and tight. I will post some pics ASAP. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that I am very happy with the system and that now you can here me coming from about a mile away . Chris
  10. Hey check out my photos i threw those out and use a chrome center cap that goes in from behind no issues at all. Chris
  11. mars23z

    MSA Twice pipes

    The chrome on mine is fine but the black part is not what I would call rusted but it does have some oxidation. So powder coat would work then? I dont know much about ceramic coating is it a similar process? Does anyone know about what that might cost? Thanks Chris
  12. mars23z

    MSA Twice pipes

    I was wondering about the rust mine are still in the box and already have light rust on them. Is there anything you can put on them to protect them? Can you powder coat the pipes?
  13. Sweet man. I have an early 74 260z they are a lot of fun and work to but its all worth it. Chris
  14. Really sorry to hear about the dog. I lost my 12 year old lab last August and my cat before that. I really hate to hear that, especially when assholes dont stop. I take that stufff pretty hard because I tend to get pretty attached to my pets. My sister just lost her 3 year old lab it was hit by a car as well,but in this case the guy actually picked him up and took him home and called the humane society and they were able to track down my sister as the owner. Sorry again about your loss. Chris
  15. Car looks nice. Thanks for the video. Chris