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  1. Sorry Tom, I only made them for the 240z cars. I guess I could try to make them for 280z's but I'll need a good sample set. Do you know if all the 280z's years 75 thru 78 take the same set? Jim
  2. Sorry, no website as this is just a hobby. Email me direct Jim240z@aol.com or call my office 813-949-3398 and I'll be happy to try and help you out. Thanks Jim
  3. Happy New Years everyone. I actually offer an engine bay set and an under carriage set for 240z years 1969-1972. Each individual set is $55 shipped. Please email your year and production month to Jim240z@aol.com.
  4. Pomorza, you are welcome to visit anytime. Tours are usually 2-3 hours or longer if you want providing you're not bored. The Tampa line is behind my back yard property line so I should be within 20 minutes drive from anywhere in Tampa area. Hey Bill, yes I receieved an invite from Bill Coffey and plan on bringing 3 cars as long as I round up 2 additional drivers. One of them has confirmed and waiting for the other. Should know this week. Looking forward in meeting you and seeing your Orange 72.
  5. Ok by popular demand here is the newest version of Z Mecca you tube clip. Jim Osborn was nice enough to shoot a much higher resolution clip. Unfortunately the lighting was poor and interior shots are very difficult to view. Jim will do another clip at our club's Christmas party. I will have every car parked outside the garage so he can get much clearer interior shots.
  6. Sorry Chris, sounds like I hit a nerve. Students should never respond to their teachers that way. I was invited to respond to Adam's question. My answer was not intended to make you look bad but to enhance your answer. As far as this "boy" sparring with you I wouldn't waste my time. With 26 years of hands on experience repairing, restoring, collecting, and owning over 50 240z cars I seriously doubt you could bruise me. Maybe a scratch but definitely no bruising this "Boy". That being said I am going to give my greenhorn student a chance to earn some extra credit to get that "A". Here's your question. Other than all the differences you, I, and the other guys have already discussed there are the five (5) additional differences. Can you name these five (5) differences and the production dates when the changes occurred? I'll give you a hint. Two (2) of them you can probably google and the other three (3) were pointed out by me to you at one of your Z Mecca visits. I believe you took pics as you normally do when you visit. Anyone following this thread if you know the answers please refrain from replying till Chris has a chance to respond. Sorry for the late reply but you know I don't have the free time to spend on this site.
  7. Chris, you are almost right on this. Other than the decals there are actually 4 different series 1 air cleaners. The three that you mentioned plus the intruduction of the winter/summer flapper as I like to call it. The earliest were on the 1969 non emmission type Japanese Fairlady Z and Canadian Z models. The next were the US 1969 low vin number models with emmissions but lacking the fuel vent tube. The 3rd were on the vins starting in Jan 70 thru July/Aug with the emmissions and fuel vent tube and then finally the winter/summer flapper which went from Aug 70 thru series 2 1972 cars until the 73 flat tops were introduced. We did have however a few exceptions. Cars that were stamped with post 69 production dates but were actually 69 cars had the first or second type air cleaner depending if they were a US or Canadian car. These were the cars that had problems along the assembly line, got pushed aside, and then finished at a later date between Jan and Feb of 70. Anyway, I guess I'll give the greenhorn z guru a B+ on that answer. , just kidding Chris. I just couldn't resist but its good to keep the head judge up to speed just in case a point is deducted in error at a National convention.
  8. Wow! Great looking car show on a day you fellas finally had some sunshine. I'm glad you didn't get rained out and had a nice day. All the cars look great. I recognize Jeff's lime VZ and also the silver 1972. I believe it belongs to Ken Lewis if my feeble mind is correct. That car was here in Plant City, FL and I kept it fine tuned for the 2nd owner for 10+ years until Ken flew down to buy it and drive it back. Anyway, great show. I'll have to make it a point to attend some of these New England car shows as there are many fine examples to admire. Jim Frederick Z Mecca, FL
  9. Hey Brian I have a very nice one and I'm in Lutz just north of Tampa. You can call my office 813-949-3398 or email me Jim240z@aol.com. Jim
  10. I wished I knew you were looking for these, I have 1 new set(both hand throttle and matching choke knobs) and one used set all original equipment off two hand throttle assemblies that I have which by the way are both for sale. I don't care for the later square knobs that Nissan sells now. I think the early round knobs are much nicer and more original. If anyone is interested in either the knobs or the hand throttle assembly shoot me an email Jim240z@aol.com.
  11. Unkle, I too can appreciate your point. I also have original equipment on my cars but a few of my low vin cars either has the piece missing or the original piece is too far gone to restore. I would not break down like other restorers and replace with another part from a different year even though the judges allows this. For example a 1972 dash is allowed on a series 1 car because you can't buy a new series 1 dash or the hood bumpers from a 1971 to 1978 car is ok because you can't get the early style or a non red dot mirror is ok because again you cannot buy it new. For my cars this was totally unacceptable. The pieces I had contracted out for reproduction were all new pieces I had in stock. Each piece made is of the highest quality and an exact OEM match. No one can tell the difference, they are that good. As far as Chris's comment about the gas lid knob I don't understand what he is saying. The knobs are an exact 100% OEM match cast from a brand new OEM knob. (Bryan spent close to a year perfecting this part.)The base plates are separate from the knob as it is a 2 piece part. The knobs I had reproduced will fit any pot metal knob.
  12. ok guys, anyone interested in new hand throttle knobs, new early style plastic gas lid knobs, and new red dot mirror knobs I will bring a few to Amelia Island. Bryan stopped by my place tonight and dropped some off. Jim Frederick Z Mecca, FL
  13. Yeah I made the big time, I'm up to 23 posts now. So you think I need to do episodes? Like a reality tv series? . How about an episode on restoring a car step by step? Or one of our Hooter luncheons? Can you say "Twins"?
  14. Thank you so much for the kind words. I was very lucky to pick up a few from Randy. He did have some very nice cars in his collection.
  15. No problem, try to make it down next year. I will be at Amelia Island next week. Hopefully we can hook up.
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