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    the engine block casting # is F54 followed by a 0701A, s/n is L28 513794
    the head casting number is P90
    the computer is A11 or All-604 420/ L28 / 8Z13
    the engine does have a turbo also
  1. i have a driveshaft from a '71 240z 4 spd that measures 27" from the end of the spline to the flange(complete length) let me know if you need it
  2. Send me a list of what you need. I parted one out last year and have numerous parts. I have the door lock clips, but only one hand crank. Where are you located? I can help getting her all back together. I have a pair of sun visors that have mint vynl and are the brownish colour. I have a full driveline, wiring harness', decent fenders, console,glovebox door,wiper motor with transmission. as well as the factory slotted rims, that look like the rims in your picture. thanks for your time.
  3. Send me a list of what you need...I have the door lock clips and hand cranks......is your interior the brownish colour......i have sun visers that have rip free vynl that are excelllent....where are you located? I can help with putting it all back together.
  4. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/34-2000

    complete seal kit and we need rivits at bottom of page

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