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Antenna switch location?

Dale B.

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(reaching far back into memory bank)

Mine, if I recall correctly, was located on either side of the stock AM stereo unit. In order to listen to the radio, I had to hold down this little rocker switch.

At that time in my life (17 yrs old), it was IMMEDIATELY replaced with a new stereo. ;)

The rest was history. It's now sitting in my garage w/out any kind of interior to speak of. :eek:

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on the fuse cover on the far right to you US guys. There are 3 indentations for accessories, the first is the rear demister, the middle has not been used and is blanked off and the 3rd is a stalk switch for the aerial.

Thats on a 73 UK Spec.


Finally got round to getting a pic of it


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I think its just the pre 73 cars that had the aerial switch on the radio, I could be wrong though.

I've been told (Can't be 100% certain to authenticity) that I have the original 240Z original datsun radio that came in the car and it has no switch so i guess the switch i have on the console is original. But after nearly 30 years who knows. I have to check with other owners.



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If I remember right (20 years is a long time) the antenna switch should be on the radio faceplate. But if the memory of my first Z is right, my 73 came with the add on A/C pod on the side of the console and the antenna switch was on that below the control for the A/C. I have a couple radios out of 72's and the switch is on the radio and I believe the stock one from my 71 is the same way.

Wasn't the center hole in the fuse cover for a warning light for something?? I can't remember what it was but it seems like there was a yellow light there for something.

Ok, I went out in the yard and looked at my 72. The fuse cover has the switch for the defogger on the left, red Seatbelt light in the center, and a yellow light on the right (for the hazard lights??) and the switch for the antenna is on the radio faceplate. Series one cars have the cigarette lighter only on the fuse box cover as the defogger switch is behind the shifter and the antenna switch is on the radio faceplate. I know these two cars of mine are original 72 and the 71 series 1.

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Sorry I don't have another 73 here so I can't say for certain. I have to rely on my diminishing memory. All I have a 71 and a couple 72's to use for reference. I believe somewhere along the line by 75 they had an automatic antenna that went up and down when you turned the radio on. The 71 I have has one but it doesn't have the original radio in it so I don't know if the antenna is original or not.

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Thats right! After more research it comes to this.

The antenna switch is located on the radio face plate. The fuse fuse panel light are : Defrost switch, Fasten Seat Belt Warning light, and choke light.

Thanks guys for the help!


Ps. I don't smoke, but I wanted to see if my cigarette light worked. I pushed it in and expected to wait for a minute or so for it to pop. Instead it blew clean out of the dash in a red hot streak and landed on the floor at the base of my seat! Doh! After a quick scramble out of the car to find it( I was not stupid enough to try to search for it with my hand). I found that it luckily had not burned anything! Whew! Now I know why I don't smoke!

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