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  1. Hey Gary!

    I have a friend that is selling a reconditioned tank that he has, it's like new from a '71.

    lemme know if anyone has interest, he is asking I think $300 for it, he paid 125 for it from Brian in Bend and spent $225 having it dipped and redone.

    lemme know if anyone has any interest...



    I am not sure if that is a good price, with it being like new I am not sure...

  2. Any more developments on this? I have a friend that will sell me a r180 3.90 LSD from a WRX Sti, but I am hesitant to purchase it based on converting it - I thought that it was easier that I am reading but need to do a bit more homework... I have 2 (what I think are r160's), one is a 3.7 and one is a 3.9. however they are both open. That LSD is the better upgrade. I have an r200 3.90 now, but it's a tad whiny and i need to get it out of there I think soon and get it looked over. I'll keep looking, if anyone want's to chime in here, I would appreciate it Thanks!
  3. I was trying to call you this morning actually to see if you had one... I just get the voice mail when I call Z Therapy. When are you going to be around the shop? I need to get some carb parts anyway and possibly have Steve take a look at my SU's... Thanks for the reply. ~Brian
  4. Hey all, Looking for a tank for a '72 240, does not have to be perfect, just need the inside decent ofcourse... Or if anyone has seen a Z at a local wrecking yard, let me know. Thanks! ~Brian
  5. What RPM do you normally push? Just curious...
  6. Very nice! Congrats!! I would look into getting the T-belt done just to be safe... Thanks for the pic! ~B
  7. That was a sweet Blue Z... I thought that the turnout was great and it was nice to cruise home with some of the gang. Even got to see Beandip get a bit agressive in a corner on the way out! ZoomZoomZoom ~Brian
  8. That much I agree with... And I am also in agreement with Arne, I at least now, drive my '72 240 as a DD and I have had zero problems with much enjoyment on the way to the much dreaded work. Which is the problem. Forget ZoomZoomZoom I just love driving the Z... I know that it SHOUld be a weekender but is that really how the car was created? I think not. I think that a Z should be appreciated and driven. Not just on the weekends but in general. My only worry is that some idiot on the road is going to take it out, I guess that is part of the risk of enjoying the ride. Hell, as far as enjoying the ride, my only other choice is the CBR and the heater is broke! !B
  9. Hey all, Nice to see a bunch of you in Canby as we dodged the sporatic rain, it was fun! I noticed that Bruce mentioned an event that is this Saturday involving a trek with the group to the beach from Banks and some auto x action there... Is anyone thinking of joining up with this? ~Brian
  10. I had a blast! It was nice to gather up with a bunch of people with a common interest and get some info along the way! Everyone make it home safe up North? ~B
  11. By the way, it is fairly common for alterntors to fail after sitting for long periods of time... And I mean like usually over a year or better. ~B
  12. I second what Arne stated, if that is the case, the battery was supporting the spark and once it ran outa juice, the spark was gone and no amps left to crank 'er over. Remember, even if you try to jump it with another vehicle, it may take a bit to charge. I would use a jump box with some high cranking amps to see if it will turn over. Keep us posted. ~Brian
  13. I agree about the intake coming off, but tell us, does the sound diminish once the engine is warmed up?
  14. T-minus 36 and counting.... Chirs in his Z (Bigsinnz) and I will be leaving here and meet up with the convoy (minus the long-haired Jesus freaks in the micro-bus) at 9:00. I am working on hustling up John to join us, it is looking like quite the line so far, I can't wait.... Dave, I second the Woo-Hooo. ~Brian
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