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  1. is this brian leclair?

  2. wow, just goes to show that there is ALWAYS something to learn about these cars. the craigslist ad sounded so cheesed up that i thought it would be worth a good laugh, instead i schooled on datsun history. so : are there anymore surprise optoins, or odd/ rare parts? i already know about the scarabs, and sugar scoops.
  3. what the heck is this guy smoking? ive never seen one of THESE as a dealer option. someone tell me if this is really a dealer option , or not. if it is ill buy it and sell it for more! i would never put this on a Z, its hideous. IMO. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/pts/210578949.html
  4. ya what gary said! hey gary!wassup?
  5. i dont want to call you a sissy, but damn dude. these are datsuns. they ALWAYS need something. its been said many times "z cars are known as "fairladies" so just like a woman of royalty, your Z will never be satisfied." so, enjoy pleasing her, maybe she will let you sit in her someday. and if lucky enough, she will even let you drive her!
  6. nah, the ZX is supposedly not replacable, but a *GOOD* driveline guy can do it. i just pulled a good shaft off a buddy's parts car, only cost me 35$. cant beat that!
  7. problem solved, bad rear u-joint. are these driveshafts servicable? im talking about the main propeller shaft not the halfshafts.
  8. yeah, forgot to mention that. only vibrates under accel. put in neutral and coast, its fine.
  9. its a stock 5spd. 81' ZX (my other daily driver). just got her and the driveline has some seriously noise clunks in between shifts and vibrates the hell outta you past 45mph. for instance, if im at a stop light. i can put the car in first gear. then, i can put her in Neutral, let out the clutch, and "CLUNK" .it sounds just like when my 260 had a bad u joint in the halfshaft. i got under there the other day and cant seem to find any play in either halfshaft. so im going to take the shafts out of my other 280 today and put them in and see if that makes a difference. MY question is this: if it is not the halfshafts, then what in the driveshaft would do that? some transmission guy told me the center bearing? so now im picking the guru's brains. thanks ahead for your input!
  10. wow, those are all things that i didnt think about. thanks guys, as always the tech support on this website is unlike anything elsewhere. the honda guys used to flame me for asking a simple question like this. and toyota guys just never answer?????? i will always luv nissan/datsun. from my first 240sx(and many more like it) to my first 260Z. nissan and datsun haev always been there for me. this is the reason why i like cars more than women!!!!!!!!
  11. if it was the dampner on the crank pulley , wouldnt the motor be vibration prone? i just replaced the water pump a month ago. seems fine,one of the nuts are gone though. i wouldnt think that one nut missing would throw the whole assebly off though? would it? i've learned centrifugal physics, so my understanding of the dynamics on this situation is good. i know that by it missing, the pulley could be thrown off balance, but that should be visible to the eye should it not?
  12. as stated, ive went through 2 belts now. and i tighten them down (not overly tight) and the work for awhile. then if i drive at night and turn on my headlights, the belt squeals like a "live pig in the fire". so i get out, belt has a lot of play. i adjust the alt. mount. drive for antoher few days. same thing will occur. could it be the lock washers on the sliding mount? i didnt use new ones. didnt change the alt either. just been using the one that came with the car. oh yes, it is a 81' ZX. and there is no leaks from the water pump. the belts used are good quality. the only other thing i can think of is if the pulleys are off balance? but when in motion the belts dont seem to move much, as if they were "out of whack"? could a pulley be dragging? could the mount be coming loose little bit by little bit? and "stretch" out the belt so that it slowly squeals?
  13. hey, now if we get a group buy on this, we can get like 5 or 6 packed in one big container and save some cash! or am i not understanding this right?
  14. it really was all of the above for me. i've always loved japanese(the cars,culture and women!) and have owned several 240sx's. however i owned over 22 cars since i was 16 (im only 21 now) and not a single one has ever stuck with me. my 240sx's were faves, but left me longing for something cosmetically. plus it seemed that ever kid out there had one with one of those huge arse coffee cans on the back. i have loved jap cars since i was a baby.and i dont like it when people think im one of those fad following kids. thats when i found my uncle's Z. he traded it to me for my yota truck. a 74' 260 with a well built L-28/triple mikunis. i loved that vehicle. then some @$$ did me in on a hit and run. insurance jacked me too, they said my datsun was only worth 50$ !!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! so now im restarting my love affair with two new ZX's 280's of course, its not really a Z unless its got the straight 6.
  15. was it the curves? maybe the (then) not so popular I-6 ? or maybe you just love japanese cars? or what about that independent rear suspension? not too common for its era in america! what ever the case, post your reason here?