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  1. Excuse prease I seem to have dropped bowl of red noodle into engine bay forgiveness prease. Get rid of all the ridiculous braided fuel hoses and earth straps and it might be a decent looking engine bay.
  2. I take my hat off to you, Kid K. You've salvaged something that most people here would have scrapped because it was too much work. Good to see someone willing to put in some effort:beer: I notice a continuous weld along the flares - did you have any issues with distortion, or did you stitch it stage by stage to control distortion? Do you plan to fill the front arches with big dish wheels, or use longer LCA's / different X member to bring the whole hub assembly out (plus giving you camber adjustment as well)
  3. Really? Are the MCA bits salvageable? Yes, one and the same. In a former life I owned a 240k "project car". It had a P76 4.4 V8 in it, and sat in my shed for about 2 years before I saw the light and sold it. Last I heard the new owner was fitting an LS1 and going drag racing
  4. From this perfect 3 point landing... To this... :cry: Musta been that cheap, nasty suspension you were running, hey MAtt;)
  5. When we did the conversion on Lachlan's car, he bought a new clutch and IIRC, he ended up with a Silvia clutch. I can't remember exactly, but there were a few that matched, Silvia being one of them. Another alternative is to talk to Jim Berry at Stones Corner in Brisbane. he builds a lot of hi-po stuff sold by the big name boys, and tends to be a lot cheaper. You will have to call him, as he isn't a interweb sort of guy (at least wasn't when I last dealt with him a few years ago - might have caught up to the 21st century by now)
  6. You mean like these Sigma Turbo rims? The ones with Nissan cast into them?
  7. Cool!!! Give me a buzz when you get it. Very keen to come and check it out!! (I haven't forgotten that carton I still owe you, either)
  8. http://www.bmsc.com.au/forums/buy-sell-rally-cars/19345-datsun-240k-coupe.html There ya go. Who said there were no reasonably priced 240K coupes anymore Even has triple Webers, cam and roll cage (bolt in - so removable if wanting to street it)
  9. No, they were advertised as 240K, but I recall one chap saying it also fit certain chryslers. This is the one that sold for $150, so perhaps he was tapping into some of that vintage Mopar fortune being spent each year
  10. Yeh, I sold the remnants of LAchlan's parts car for $80, including the wheel. When I saw someone sell a 240K wheel for $150 I hearly fell off my chair. I know that similar vintage Mazda wheels (RX2, 3) are selling for $400 or more, and they look almost the same.
  11. Why?? You do realise that all it takes is a letter from Nissan and you can get new plates issued. A dude did that with an RX7 shell I was selling. If Mazda can do it, surely Nissan can do it too. There was no inspection required for the issue of the compliance letter. They just need to know that it was originally sold here in Australia. I had believed it to be more difficult than that, but found out how simple it really can be. Also, I've seen people sell the steering wheels for up to $150 on ebay.
  12. Compared to most modern cars, yes a stock 240K handles like a pig. Yopu can improve with bushes, shocks, springs, geometry and tyres. Looking at what's winning IPRA races should show you the overall potential of a 240K. The suspension in a 240K was a compromise in 1970, and is even more of a compromise today. As I said, it can be improved on, but will never match a dedicated race car suspension (well, DUH!!) There are far more advanced IRS setups out there too, don't fall into the old "IRS must be the best" trap. A well sorted live rear will outhandle a mediocre 240K every day. Remember, cambe
  13. Hahaha I love the dude trying to haggle on delivery costs because he has a shopper docket Man, if you're that skint, you probably shouldn't be looking at buying a car in the first place. The MR30 may be ugly, but there's nothing wrong with them mechanically.
  14. Hey, nothing wrong with the MX5's. They may look like a hairdressers car to some, but they certainly have the goods to put a smile on your dial. That's what it's all about afterall. Welcome to the Mazda drivers club - or should I say Mazda owners club. Mine has only been driven a handful of times since that day at Willowbank. Hoping to get it ready for an event in about a month :dead:
  15. That's right, although in hindsight, we should have used one of those 1mm cutting discs - man, they're like using a scalpel :classic: LAchlan - I gather the pic in your sig represents your latest ride? Very metro :cheeky:
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