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  1. Hi Cam, I can't find the receipt but I think the whole lot was around $400-500 to do (not including the bumpers). The smaller items like nuts, bolts and washers are charged by either weight or by barrel full, I can't remember exactly which but it's quite cheap. The larger pieces like headlight buckets, pulleys and horn bits that won't fit in the barrel are more expensive because they are manually wired into position and they charge you by the area they take up while hanging in the tank. While I'm posting, here's a pic of the engine bay.
  2. First bit of colour is on, most of the underbody is silver over schutz except for the spare wheel area which is just colour then clear.
  3. There hasn't been a lot to update lately but I picked up a F54 block (flat top) and a N42 head the other day which are now at the engine shop for a rebuild/tweak. Hopefully by the time it's built I will have the shell back and partly assembled ready to drop in.
  4. Started bolting/screwing pieces together. And found this new windscreen. I went to a windscreen supply warehouse asking about them and they had one in stock, When they pulled it down from the rack it was FILTHY dirty and the plastic wrapping around it was falling apart. Check the manufacture date, I guess they don't sell many of them!
  5. Yeah, I think the bay and boot will get done in the next few weeks. If you sent your car over how much would you get them to do?
  6. The tub of Zink bits are pieces are back from plating, I had the bumpers re-chromed too. Now all I need is a painted shell to put them on. Some of these pieces were either slightly pitted or had small dents and scrapes on them so I sandblasted them and filled the blemishes with high build primer then sanded them true.
  7. 240k style, It's going to look awesome in pink with a unicorn airbrushed on the bonnet I'm not sure what that hole is for, it looks factory but just has a blanking plate with a gasket that screws over it. I just assumed all c110's had them.
  8. Well the car is getting closer to having colour put on The zink bits and chrome bumpers are away getting redone and I'm sandblasting and painting the suspension parts so things are moving along fairly well. The bootlid was a mess compared to the rest of the car for some reason. File finished
  9. Progress update - Both sides have been metal finished and came up really well, I was stressing a bit about where the LPG hole was Oxy welded but even that came up awesome and won't need any filler. I made my own rear camber and toe adjustment which seems to work well, It's similar to the datsport 1600 kit with slotted plates and thread for adjustment. No more ridiculous camber!
  10. C110coupe, It would be great to meet another C110 owner. I Spent some time in the shed today, managed to Straighten and polish one Scuff plate and since this pic was taken the other one is getting closer to looking straight again.
  11. I like it!, At this rate you will have one of every model!
  12. Welcome Jack, I was hoping you would join here. Will you keep the L series or go RB or even something else?
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