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lots of parts for sale


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Lots of 240Z parts for sale. I'm updating the list daily. I'm willing to work on prices. I'm hurting for cash right now so I need volume sales (found out today I have to have a ~$2000 medical procedure - after insurance!) So anyway thanks for looking. Updates may stop next week when I'll be incapacitated for awhile. I'm hoping to get rid of soem things before that though.


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Thanks Steve-

Montoya - here's a list as of right now, but the pic links won't work unless you can access the site. I don't understand why you can't though. I'm workign on another update right now with more parts.

4.11 R180 Diff $200

4 speed tranny $45

Plastic int panels

Drivers side plastic panel

intake manifold $25

intake manifold $20

Stock steelies $25/set

overhead plastic panels

passenger side plastic panel

1/4 window plastic panels

door/window chrome surround trim $20 for 4

added 10/13/05

fuse box $20 - another pic

fusebox cover defrost switch indicator lights - another pic

drivers side valence and light

air filter housings $25 for all shown

wiring harness

another wiring harness

red sun visors $10

vents $5

glovebox door

steering colum cover$10

handbrake $10

wipers with new NISSAN squeegee holders (not sure what that part is called)

inner fender guards 1 is dented but bother are VERY solid metal - another pic

added 10/14/05

repainted rear finisher panels - decent $30

2 more sets some pieces with nice chrome - $20 both sets

headlight bucket - another pic

seatbelts with broket plastic - $10/set

mirror some pits $10

luggage straps $10

rear park lights decent condition $20/pair

strut caps - $5/pair - another pic

antenna condition unknown w/ 240Z adaptor - $10

black vinyl sun visors $10

black interior vinyl some nice $25

rear view mirror $5

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Wow, he lives at Love Field!!!! Must be noisy.

On the serious side, I'd like the 10/15 misc. interior parts lot/$20

black visors / $10

z wheel caps / $5

misc rubber parts / $12 if the tranny boot is not ripped

and your $20 double set of rear finisher panels if they have the center sections.

email me [email protected] with a total including shipping to 30052!

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Hey Guys -

I'm doing my best to keep up with requests. Please be patient. For some items I'm getting multiple requests and at this point I just have to call a part sold even if I don't have the money yet because otherwise I just won't be able to keep up. I will be getting back to everyone though.


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I got a second opinion this morning and was told that my surgery may not be required at all. So if any of you were buying parts just to help me out let me know if you dont' want them and I can refund money (I haven't shipped anythign yet but have 3 boxes ready to go tonight). But I'm hoping all of you interested in parts actually need/want the parts and I think the prices are fair and/or negotiable.


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Here's thge message he sent me. (I don't think he'll mind me sharing it)

I couldnt access http://www.datsunprojects.org/forsale either...not with any computer on the 'rogers' network (biggest ISP in Canada), so I went to:


its an anonymous proxy server thing, but I plug in the URL there, and now I can get to datsunprojects. Try it out it should work for anyone...

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I cant go to datsunprojects.org from my computer or any other one ive tried. Any computer on the 'rogers' network here in Toronto Ive tried cant access your site. The way I found around it was to use a free web based proxy server (one of those surf the web anonymously through our web site things).

I told the other guy who was having trouble to try it, and now he can access it.

Since I cant access it, I cant see your source code to see if theres some sorta strange tag or anything.

I dont know if its just a few of us having trouble or if youve heard that before. I guess if you ran your site through Dreamweaver or some other design program, it might tell you if all the tags and links jive together.

I cant explain it...but I found a way around it!


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After my 3rd opinion this morning I've decided to go ahead w/ the surgery. For those who don't knwo it's nothing major - just had an unusual foot injury and a piece of bone needs to reattached to the bone it broke off of, or be removed - kind of depends on how much it's already healed (it's been 5 weeks...) But anyway it'll be next Thursday so I won't be on my feet again for at least a week after that. I'll try to close up all of the current deals I've got going on by next wednesday. I may go ahead with another page update tonight but that'll probably be it for a little while.

And could you guys who were having trouble accessing the site try it now? I removed the page counter thingy. That was probably the problem. Were you all using Internet Exploerer, Firefox or something else?


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