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Member Greg Ira dominates Sebring EP race


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I have to use lame excuse number 23 as I harvested the citrus crop this weekend. Sorry I missed it.

Chris, what does that mean? Am I missing ("wink, wink") something???


Oh yeah, I'm only getting red x's for jmarks shots.

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I was planning to drive over to Sebring this weekend. Was looking forward to it all week. But I just have too much that needed to get done around the house...er, farm. You DO know that I am a part time citrus farmer, don't you? Seriously. I cleaned out only three of the trees and squeezed about six gallons of orange juice and another three of grapefruit juice. By the time I'm finished, I'll have coctail mix up to the 4th of July! This is the time of the year to prune the trees and fertilize. A farmer's work is never done, but the back yard is looking great.

Please accept my applogies, Greg. I'll bet that red Z of yours looked pretty darned good in front!

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