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  1. You may need a hook tool to finish seating the gasket as your buddy pushes down. Make sure to remove the metal trim piece at the front edge of the dash with the 6 or so screws or it may not seat at the bottom. Best to start at the bottom and pull the rope 6" on one side at a time than the other side. Be careful at the corners.
  2. Could be a scam. Sounds too good to be real.
  3. Sort of related. On the air dam I installed on my 280 I bought rubber faucet washers drilled them out and installed them between where the fiberglass and metal touch.
  4. When I work with wheels off the ground I use 4 , 6' lengths of 4x4 lumber. I place them across the frame rails and back that up with jackstands . I don't trust just the jackstands when you are pulling the Z laterally while trying to break a bolt loose.
  5. I will hopfully see the car and give him your regards. If you have a chance to go to the website you will also see the member that used to own it. Jim

  6. Good to hear that Dr. Robins has joined CTZCC and is getting the car out for people to see. I last saw him and the car at the track day for the New York convention. If you see him tell him I said hello.

    Thanks for letting me know,


  7. Carl, Just an FYI, #006 joined our local CTZCC.com club and posted a few pictures in case you had not seen it lately.

  8. I'm heading to the CTZCC fall outing this Saturday . I'll start checking the ZCCNE website for future events though. Thanks,Jim
  9. Search the Connecticut Post . It's the local paper for Fairfield county and has some articles about his acting and racing.
  10. Mine reached the point where I could paint the car and be happy with it where it was . Of course it could always use more but I would not take this car any further in the process . It is what it is .
  11. The "groundhog day" of threads .
  12. mriz

    Voltage Regulator

    The one thing I overlooked was to clean the connector to the VR and there was alot of corrosion in there. I also cleaned the contacts in the VR and now it seems much better. Thanks, Jim
  13. mriz

    Voltage Regulator

    Thanks, I'll check the battery voltage at 2500 RPM tomorrow . Jim
  14. When my 77 idles the voltmeter reads 13V~14V . If I am running about 2500RPM and only the radio on it jumps to 16V . If I turn on the fan or lights then it goes back to 13V~14V. I checked the grounds and cleaned the contacts in the VR . Is that normal or is the VR shot? Thanks, Jim
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