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Paul Newman has Passed Away


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Fox News is reporting that Paul Newman, successful racer of many cars, including the Datsuns of Bob Sharp Racing, passed away at the age of 83.


A great actor, philanthropist, team owner, and race car driver has gone to rest.

May he rest in peace.


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Wasn't one of the east coast road courses opened recently just so he could take a few laps in his Corvette? What a special day that had to be for him and all that were there.

What a great man for his craft and for motor racing.....

Yes, that was Lime Rock, his 'home' track.

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From our boys over at JNC Mag:

Actor/salad dressing mogul/race car driver Paul Newman passed away last night after a long bout with cancer. In the 70s and early 80s, he raced Datsuns in the SCCA Trans-Am and IMSA series, and has competed in everything from the Baja 1000 to the 24 Hours of Daytona. He became so close to the Nissan brand that he even starred in a series of commercials for them and had a limited edition R30 Skyline named after him. We are deeply saddened by his loss. As a tribute, here are some of Newman’s Skyline commercials from Japan.

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As famous as he became for his acting career, his career as a businessman far exceeded his earnings as an actor. And if you've ever tried his Newman's Own products you'll know why. That Caesar dressing and Sockarooni spaghetti sauce of his are the best I've ever tried.

And what made Paul Newman so special, besides the fact that he stayed married to his wife his entire life unlike the rest of Hollywood, is that he gave all of his profits from his food line to charities.

And of course he raced Zs. Whatever you think of his acting, that was one hell of a good man. He'll be missed.

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