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  1. Ditto that.....good to meet those of you I had not before, and good to see Frank and Stephen again!
  2. I'm interested, too! I'll be down there as long as I can break free. Nothing on the schedule right now.
  3. Good point...I should have titled the topic: "Wanted! Owner of HS130-105553" or something of that sort....might have better had the intended effect. :stupid: ...and the props go to my neighbor, not me, for having the good sense to bring the stuff to a Datsun fan. He is a former 240z owner, and had the presence of mind to think of our 280Z and 300ZX sitting in the garage, and figured we would appreciate it....
  4. My neighbor just bought an AMX, and of all the things in the car were a 1979 280ZX sales brochure, and the Monroney label for the serial number listed above, sold to North Freeway Datsun by Nissan Motor Corporation. There is no way to track activity on a pre VIN car in Nissan's system, so if anyone around here had this car and wants the label, let me know. It looks like it went through auction in Dallas earlier this year, with the original bill of sales and about 63k miles on it according to info on this site: http://www.collectorcarfactslive.com/main.cfm?p=SalesCatalog&l=en&ITEM_ID=475855&EID=3102&CurrentRow=15&LayoutID=230 Please pass this along if anyone knows the owner, and have them contact me at wb_ml_stephenson@sbcglobal.net Thanks!
  5. I am very late to the party, but I have the same dilemma. No clue in the service manual... I am betting it is a tune up label. I have the A/C and emissions/ dyno labels already... process of elimination:
  6. Yes, that was Lime Rock, his 'home' track.
  7. Fox News is reporting that Paul Newman, successful racer of many cars, including the Datsuns of Bob Sharp Racing, passed away at the age of 83. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,429176,00.html A great actor, philanthropist, team owner, and race car driver has gone to rest. May he rest in peace.
  8. Hope you guys are all right. I worked out of my office in Dallas yesterday. Staying up here and waiting for word form neighbors to decide when to return and with what (besides a generator). Anyone has any reports after they get out and survey damage, please pass the news along with a reply. Did hear from a friend in Copperfield (NW Houston), and first looks outside showed small debris, and not as bad as expected. Stay Safe, Walt
  9. RIP- Amen........ :disappoin
  10. Polished valve cover
  11. Polished valve cover
  12. I used a product from RAAM Audio that was about half the price of Dynamat and far more pliable. It had noise and heat shielding built in... you just have to watch it as it is a bit sticky. I have one pic posted in my gallery here, and I may have more on the PC. Send me an e-mail or PM if you want me to dig them up. Website: http://www.raamaudio.com Walt
  13. Looks like a really nice starting point... the car is in pretty good shape; better than most at the start of a project. I've had a '76 for 12 years, and I have yet to drive anything else more fun (that I can afford, anyway! ) Good Luck!
  14. I've been using Rising Sun Performance in Benbrook (SW Ft. Worth) for almost 10 years for any heavy line work. The phone number is 817-731-6092. Steve Ehlers and his wife Vickie are the owners. He was a Datsun Master Tech that went independent many years back. They are not the cheapest, and you may have to get on a waiting list, but the work is meticulous... you won't have to go back and redo anything he touches. Let them do an inspection on your car so you have a priority/ checklist and start saving your money. Measure twice... cut once. PM or e-mail me if you want to see photos of the work to my 280. Walt
  15. P79/F54 motor (Nissan reman) installed in Summer 2007. replaced original N42 at 129,000 miles. Late model fuel injectors fuel rail, and fule pressure regulator replaced original 1976 hardware. Most metal hardware/ fasteners was replated in yellow zinc finish.
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