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  1. Yes it needs work, but don't be too concerned. My 240Z has got replacement doglegs on both sides, and when we removed all the paint it was discovered that it's had a new RH read guard fitted (incorrectly) and the LH rear guard was rippled to hell. I still classify it as a good shell! Sills rails & floors are the easiest parts to fix - it's panels like the roof that are difficult. But I second the call - investigate now, prevent it from getting worse.
  2. Ben

    240z tacho problem

    Fair call.... I'd expect that between the dry joints & a leaky capacitor or two, it was stuffed! Below are images of the internals of an early 260Z (inductive loop) tachometer:
  3. Turbo pump has 15% more volume. Competition pump runs 90psi+. Both can be fitted with an external pickup to avoid the internal feed gallery restrictions. The next step from there is a dry-sump.... Fit a turbo pump if you have a turbo (no kidding...) or an external cooler. I've got both & pressure is around 50psi, hot (80 deg C after the cooler), 3000rpm, measured at the stock location on a mechanical gauge.
  4. Ben

    indicator switch

    Part number 25545-N3600 Still on the master parts file, ex Japan $61AUD. Beware the description is 'screw' Joseph, many thanks for the part number - I owe you one!
  5. Yes, it's an EVIL site, with far too many tempting vehilces A few weeks back there were quite a few C110 & C10 Skylines for sale, but there's been almost nothing since.
  6. Ben

    Vented or Not?

    No sorry.... But here's the photos of the trial fit that I did tonight... http://www.versadev.com/ben/hs30/
  7. Ben

    Vented or Not?

    Took delivery of my new OEM vented bonnet yesterday - AUD$680 ex Japan, about 2 weeks wait. Vents were ~AUD$80 each ex Melbourne. I'm dropping it into the painters tomorrow morning - it's getting the satin-black treatment. It's as close at getting a Z432 that I'm likely to get!
  8. What a bastard that turned out to be.....
  9. Why thank you! :classic: Why would you need to do anything except balance & replace unis on that tailshaft? It should bolt straight up. PM me if you don't want to contaminate this thread any further!
  10. Have a look on http://www.autopics.com.au - there's several pictures of early Datsuns that are cornering so hard that they are to roll. On cross-plys too! (e.g. the Datto 1000 entering the Dipper). If only we did get the KPGC10 & 110 GT-R's here, they would have given the GT's & GTS' a real run for their money.... Here's a shot of a 'K' in '75 http://www.autopics.com.au/cache/item-1703public.html?cache=no Don't forget to broaden your search & see various other makes being abused to within an inch of their lives!
  11. Bah! Struth - it beat an RX-3, was the Mazda driver asleep? I still maintain that a 120Y would out-do a L24S-powered 240K as you could run it flat to the boards around the whole track - and it wouldn't need to refuel more than once I must admit that I haven't really looked into what other models were raced in the ATCC (or previous championships). I believe that that a 1200 coupe still holds a class record around Bathurst....
  12. Agreed - it's not a race, it's a 'display'. Just like a burnout comp.
  13. If the C110 was raced here, I expect that it may have been beaten by a stock 120Y....(sorry Lachlan) AFAIK the 210, 510 & 610 were raced in the '70s. The DR30 RS Turbo, N12 EXA Turbo, 910 Turbo & HR31 GTS in the '80's. Plus the BNR32 in the early '90's. Anyone with evidence to expand on that is more than welcome to present it!
  14. A man called Arshad Khan has recently bought a P610 rally car from a friend of mine (via Shekhar Mehta, via Lofty Drews). Arshad lives in Kenya & is entering this car into a historic rally series (he's just done a shakedown rally in it & now spent a fortune on brand new Proflex suspension!) The relationship to the current topic? My friend receives a call 2 weeks ago saying; "please send ball joints & fan belts." Apparently he can't even get a non-multigroove fanbelt in Kenya, let alone one that suits a P610. So it appears that my local auto-parts store & Nissan dealer will be the sole suppliers of spares for a car located 1/2 a world away. So.... My hopes for any surviving Z's in that part of the world are not very high.
  15. Double de-clutching will also help - lots.
  16. Interesting that the C internals are fitted to the B casing. I can find out about the R31 (domestic) ratios, but not until early next week.
  17. I second the request (if practical) for Kats to make a complete electronic copy of the 'Domestic English' manual. From memory, the Australian delivered 240Z owners manual has none of the 'extras' that Kats has shown. However, the Australian delivered parts manual does mention Z432 application for a few parts (eg oil cooler). A friend of mine has what we are calling a 'crossover' 240Z. It has the late pillar vents & hatch, but the early diff position, A-series box & interior. The funny thing is that is has the parking-lamp circuit & switchgear as mentioned in one of Kats' photos. We have spent a number of hours trying to determine the function & location of these switches (the centre console was damaged beyond repair) and have only just come to the conclusion that it _must_ be parking lamps. I haven't looked at the taillights to see if the parking lamp globes are indeed fitted. This car has an Australian compliance plate, but was it _really_ meant to be sold in this country?
  18. Lets not forget the the JMS staff are a bunch of clowns at the best of times. And yes, that drifting loses video was taken at a 'competition' meet here in Adelaide. Funny thing is that the Stanza rally car won the event (driver skill perhaps?). Runner-up was the metallic green HR31 GTS. No I wasn't there.... I'll be damned if I'm ever going to do that kind of thing in a semi-rare car like my DR30 (I think the HR31 owner is nuts).
  19. It's a short R200, so it's Z32 NA, S13+ or R32+. No good for an S30....
  20. The FS5W71C gearbox is easy to identify, as it has the bolt-on plate as part of the shifter mechanism. As far as which cars used it here, all RB,SR & CA powered vehicles (possibly with the exception of the S3 910) use the C series. I don't believe that it was standard fitment to any FJ20 powered cars. BUT, you can fit the B series bellhousing to the C series extension housing. This has been done to a few FJ & L powered cars here in AUS & is more common in Japan (especially with DR30 Skyline owners). the output shaft splines are the same all the way through - from the 4-speed A series to the latest C series (dunno about the 350Z box though).
  21. That is, unless you have an 88-89 Z31 with a stuffed diff & need to replace it! In which case, you can identify the correct unit by inspecting the 1/2 shaft splines (diff-end). There will be 2-sets of splines (the inner set will have a smaller diameter, in order to engage the VLSD unit).
  22. Ben

    A busy engine bay

    It's actually not that bad. I'll take some more photos when it's a little tidier. Yes, theres a bunch more hoses on the drivers side, but not _that_ many! The turbo coolant & oil lines make things look worse and there's the oil cooler plumbing, along with the thermofan wiring.
  23. AFAIK, there were only a few hundred genuine SilEighty's made. Complete with lowered stiff-as-buggery suspension and more than a few degrees of negative camber on all corners. Marketed towards the younger 'drifters' from the factory.... The road-safety lobbyists would have a fit if something like that was marketed here! There are plenty of replicas around, and the odd 180-fronted Siliva too. There are also a handful of RB20DET-powered 180's here in Adelaide, most of which have massively vented bonnets due to the aforementioned cooling woes.
  24. I don't know the model number that seperates the stumpy' box from the 'regular' boxes found in the '70's & '80's Nissans. But all wide ratio OD boxes are designated FS5W71B (Floor shift, 5-speed, wide ratio, 71 series, B variant). The driveshaft in the R30 cars is 2-piece (as you have discovered) with a centre bearing assembly. The 4-cylinder R30's use the 'regular' gearbox, but the 6-cylinders use the 'stumpy' box. If you have ever seen the engine bay layout of a 4-cyl R30, you will notice that the engine is set forward & the gearbox begins about 2/3 of the way into the engine bay. The stumpy box won't fit into your K, but a Z, C, 810 or 910 5-speed will fit fine. The Z boxes of course could have a 2.9:1 1st or be a FS5C71B (close ratio) box, but it wil still fit (and have better ratios than a C110 FS5W71B).
  25. That's a 'stumpy' 5-speed FS5W71B. It won't fit into your C110 (too short).
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