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  1. You need the wire harness, ECU, transmission, engine of course, and the fuel pump. so you will need an electric fuel pump that putsout at least 50psi and 255lph for the turbo engine, i would try and find a 60 psi. and of course a high pressure fuel filter and larger high pressure hoses, the carb 240z only runs 7psi so the hoses will blow, and the filter will also blow apart. but this should be a cool swap. I put an LT1 corvette engine in one a long time ago, had it posted in here with pics, but it would have been better with a nismo turbo instead. mike PS I know this is old, but I have some guys asking about this and I told them to join this forum and search for this swap! I was surprised that there was not more on this swap with some pics!!!
  2. Im also in aviation I work for Jetlinx Aviation here in Omaha, we are a 135 operation. lear 60s a 45, beech 400As a few 300s, G3 and a few others. I worked for Duncan Aviation in Lincoln for 18 years before going to Jetlinx. I have a '73 240Z that I have had for about 6 months I was just looking for another member when I saw your info and thought I would say Hey.... Steven

  3. What state do you live in? If close to WI I will need some pics. I have a shop now, and have a guy wanting one of these restored. madmike...
  4. OK its been a while since I was last on here, I sold my 1974 260Z and me and my son just got a 1995 240SX. We have also located a Sylvia front end and several different JDM Skyline engines, trans, ECU, and engine wire harnesses. But does anyone know a good link, or at least have the Skyline english version service manuals? Or has anyone on here built, or have a friend who has built one of these? madmike...
  5. Last summer me and a buddy stuck a 1995 Z-28 LT1 into a 1972 240Z. we used LT1 Edit, (or you can use Tuner Cat) software with a lap top computer on this swap. We eliminated the VATS module (PASSKEY II, anti theft device that shuts the fuel injection off and not just the fuel pump like rumors have it), we also re-adjusted the speedometer (have to install electronic speedometer and gauges) turned off the evap-purge, electric smog pump. And sanderson hot rod headers! these are the vette style (ram-horn) sanderson coated headers! I sold my 260Z because I did not think the frame was strong enough (after I fixed the rusted out drivers side) to swap the 1997 LT1 engine I have in my garage sitting on a stand. I am trying to decide what I should swap it into? maybe a 300Z turbo body? Or back to another S-10 truck swap, with 4X4? What do you think? madmike... ps get the Helms factory service manuals, the others dont stand up for wire diagrams!!!
  6. Check out http://www.lincoln.com I have the Lincoln SP125 it's a Mig welder (wire feed) and runs on 110v. It also can be used with or without gas. I only use gas as it welds with less splatter, and cleaner welds by far. I use C25 which is 75% Co2 and 25% Argon which welds steel, Iron very good! I had a rusted out driver side frame rail. I have blue prints someplace around here for it, but you will need one for the other side. My prints that I made are for what is called a "Doubler" frame. Its an exact fit frame that slips over the old one, then you weld it together. Mine worked real good. I work on aircraft and we have to build these doubler frames all the time, thats where I learned to build them and I know they are as strong or even stronger than the factory one. They are easy to make, just strip everything off the frame (suspension, struts, bolts and stuff) measure it all, build it, slip it on and weld it together. I also built a new drivers side strut tower as that was also rusted out. I cut what was left of the old one off, and welded the new one in. This was on my 1974 260Z. Hope this helps. madmike...
  7. These are a brand new set of four wheels and tires. They are 14" BF Goodrich Radial T/A's, American Racing chrome wheels, Chrome center caps and triple chrome lug nuts & they are electronic spun balanced. They have necer been installed on my 1974 260Z as I sold the car. I am asking $400.00 plus shipping. (They cost me $600.00 with mounting & balancing for the whole works.) I live by Madison Wisconsin, zip for shipping is 53704. Zlishous does have 1st dibs on these if he see's this, he sent me a private but I have not heard back from him. madmike...
  8. These are brand new as I sold my 260Z with out installing them, they are 14" low profiles, BF Goodrich T/A's on new American Racing chrome mags, new center caps too and triple chrome lug nuts. I paid $600.00 with mounting and balancing but you can have em for $400.00 and thats a set of 4, plus shipping from Madison Wisconsin. e-mail me at ; mkingsland@jvlnet.com madmike...
  9. Ahh sorry guys, the very 1st guy to respond by e-mail finaly showed up last night and payed for the car! I was getting ready to ship it out to shiin, but the shipping was going to be very painfull!! I still have the new BF-Goodrich tires and mag wheels for sale for $400.00 I also have a 280Z rear deck spoiler brand new in the box, I am not sure what else it fits on though I will have to go look it up in the catalog. madmike...
  10. I have never built a stroker 280 engine, but one of my friends has. In fact I have a post in the for sale section looking for a used Nissan diesel crankshaft. You use the longer stroke diesel crank in a 280 engine to give it more cubic inches and a longer stroke, this gives her quite a few more ponies and torque! I was hoping someone on here has built one of these and would give us some feedback on it. I will talk to my buddy some more on this and see how he does it. madmike...
  11. Shiin I will start checking on shipping. What town in CA? I lived in Oxnard CA for 4 years, when I was in the Navy stationed at Mugu. Give me a little time and I will see if our shippers in Madison Wisconsin can get it out, there is a car shipper in Green Bay also. I have digital pictures I can send you by e-mail also, my address is in post above. madmike... ps the car is allmost all together, the interior is out, the hood and rear bumper is off but I can throw those on quick.
  12. Need to make room, I had it sold but the guy has not shown up in over two months. So its either going to a Junk yard for $300.00 or you can come get it for this price! But the mag wheels and tires I need $400.00 for those, they are brand new never mounted and I have over $600.00 in them, they are mounted and balanced and new triple chrome lug nuts and centers. madmike... OH looking for a diesel crank for a 6 cylinder Nissan. Buddy needs a crank to build a stroker 280Z
  13. Wanted to buy Nissan 6 cylinder Diesel crankshaft new or used. mkingsland@jvlnet.com
  14. I have a 1974 260Z project that I am unable to finish due to my wife being in a bad accident. The 260Z has a 1970 240Z engine and 4 speed tranny that runs real good, new radiator, fuel pump, battery, AR chrome mags & BF Goodrich Radial T/A's that have never been installed with centers and chrome lugnuts. I have these new parts that have not been installed 2- rear quarter panels, 2- rocker panels, 2- lower rear tail panels, rear spoiler. I am asking $1,200.00 the interior needs restoring and I have it all removed. I also have two 4-speed transmissions, one from a 1974 260Z, and an original 1970 240Z with the top-loader shifter stub on top. I also have some extra parts in boxes for this car. madmike at: mkingsland@jvlnet.com I live in Wyocena Wisconsin, its 27 miles north of Madison (prefer you pick up of car)
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