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  1. There is no EGR valve and throttle damper looks different than US version. So is it European variant of flat tops?
  2. Question to @Captain Obvious and @SurferD: are your servo diaphragms (item 5 on a drawing) airtight? I am asking, cause I've checked two that I have in my garage - and both are leaking.
  3. And yes, I can pass air through stem and that hole: Blow.mp4
  4. @Captain Obvious : Isn't it a bleeding hole that you were thinking about, in 2012?
  5. Here is also a picture in slightly better resolution:
  6. It is a slip fit. Try to hammer it lightly from outside. Maybe heating and then cooling will release it. Bellow.mp4
  7. Here are some AB valves for sale. Pretty expensive though. https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/anti-back-fire-valve-for-datsun-240z-nos
  8. Check here: Tamiya Safari 240z, part 1 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 2 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 3 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 4 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 5 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 6
  9. ...and with catalytic converter that changes "f..k you!" into "love you!":)
  10. Try to contact Mike Feeney: http://www.mjpauto.com/contact.html
  11. And books. Do not forget about old-fashioned paper stuff: Both available in http://www.thezstore.com/. Here are direct links: Book 1 Book 2
  12. Check these sites: http://www.geocities.com/inlinestroker/ http://datsunzgarage.com/
  13. These will help, I guess: http://www.frost.co.uk/item_Detail.asp?productID=8024 http://www.frost.co.uk/item_Detail.asp?productID=9091
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