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    My first car which i still have, is a late 71 production Euro-spec Datsun 240Z Sports from the major dealer here in Oslo. My second Z-car was actualy my very first love - a 1972 Nissan Fairlady Z-L (one of two brougt to Norway in 1973). Other Nissan´s Cherry (E10) & C30 from Nissan/PMC. Also had some Porsche 911´s to compare ;)

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    Black backgrund of machinery - very Ferrari like
  2. "He did every body panel detailed styling.Not only surface,he created bumper,over rider,front grill etc." (from kats first post) My question: Does this include the front & rear spoiler in the work of Mr. Tamura - and to what extent? I feel this details, as the car as whole, are very designed/studied and "worked out" in propositions and harmony - the same simple & complex last touch The S30 ended up with some refinement - that something, that her italian siblings actually where missing out on blended in their own beauty ala extravaganza rather than harmony.
  3. Yes, it is. In Feng Shui, the bagua is a mental tool or mind-map - more or less than a steamy love novel nor a body-kit.
  4. Well put post nr.100? Thanks to Nissan, Mr. K & Matsuo - Mr. Tamura.. - "kats" & others who is posting here My Z clearly got "Bagua"
  5. A Word on the Inauguration of "COMPASS" by Masataka Okuma Managing Director §"Customer-Oriented Marketing Planning and Strategy System" Some quotes: "We can not really expect expansion to continue at present rate for much longer. A second factor is the adverse influence of the current instability in the international monetary situation. This gathering storm finds Nissan Motor Co. in a position of strength" "Our share of Japan´s total automotive production jumped from 26.9% last year to 30.3% this year" "Another area we have singled out for improvement is management itself. When sales volume was small, we could make do with less sophisticated management methods, relying mainly on human insight." "The next horizon - From the marketing standpoint, the 1970´s promise to be a decade of considerable confusion" "Against this background, Nissan´s marketing policies will focus on the building of a "brand-name" that has the complete confidence of society and the building of dynamic management system capable of coping with the needs of this critical decade. To realize these objectives will entail the evolution of a completely new marketing strategy" The Approach to Scientific Marketing: From "One-man show" to Team effort
  6. Sorry I dont´t have this article. But would like to get a better understanding of the context. My idea is that this quote and the "later" Nissan/Datsun "re-branding" could be communicated and understood by people interested in Nissan/Datsun if we look in the rearview mirror. Check the Compass - I do read between the lines in retrospective (minding the understatement of japanese nature), and get a feeling of a great conflict of business and characters.
  7. Thank U Carl I searched the net for Compass related - guess the "name" been used in several ways and publications. "The Compass" is readership strictly limited to distributors and dealers First issue NO.1 October 1972 by Masataka Okuma (Managing Director) I have these publications mostly from my father who attended to work for Nissans distributor in the early 70s. From 1978 he worked with Nissan Diesel (small and medium trucks and busses + Nissan Marine) and was General Manger for this activity in the 80s, 90s until he retired some years ago under the Renault period.
  8. I don´t have a scanner, but will do a lot of various interest - "all" my minimum knowledge of Datsun in America BRE etc. I have from these publications Nissan-Datsun Motor Topics
  9. Hei,

    Forstår du hva jeg skriver her ;)

  10. Nissan had all sort of activities around the world - did U ever see the monthly NISSAN-DATSUN Motor Topics in the US? Not from Gardena, but to Nissan Motor CO.,LTD export division from Nissan Building, Ginza-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Believe there should be a lot - my collection start in 1971 No.98!
  11. Kawamata stated that he "regretted that his company did not imprint its corporate name on cars" Ultimately, in 1981 the decision was made to stop using the brand name Datsun worldwide, in order to strengthen the company name Nissan. Ultimately :bulb: a costly rebranding was necessary.. I am very interested in this story - believe there is someone (hopefully here on this forum) who could give us some insight. Datsun Heritage is strong - am I wrong? How strong? Are you willing to talk about the American Datsun Dream and rankled Nissan executives. I do believe this was a hot topic in the US already with the success of the very first Z-car
  12. “Common sense is not so common.” Voltaire quotes* Living ain't a luxury, and a little ain't enough for me (DLR)
  13. Minilite is the original - Watanabe the ultimate JDM wheel to have light magnesium rims* Check out the link: Note that weight in kilogram an backspace is all there - impressive