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    Datsun 260 z, 74. The car havent run for 10 years...hope to change that...


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  1. you got the rest of the gauges faces? Like the white one
  2. Hi I have orded the book to day, The dellortos was on a Datsun 260 z before so I think they will work on my. I will go for the standard engine for now. Thx for the reply Ian:) // Johan http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/data/500/Datsunpartsforsale002.jpg
  3. Hi all:classic: Im "driving" a Datsun 260 z, 74 with 2 x Stromberg 175 and I will change the carbs to tripple carbs. The carbs I will use is Dellorto DHLA 40 F. Im thinking of using Tripple carburetor fuel delivery Pipe. I will make it my self using airplane Aluminum dont know if its called the same in english, its stronger aluminum. I hope u guys and girls can help me with some questions I have. (1)What type of needle should I put on? (2) what fuel pressure should I have to my dellortos?. (3) I will change to a electric fuel pump and what kind of pressure as well as the volume of fuel it flows do u recommend? Sorry for the bad english, doing my best:classic: //Johan, from the land with blondhair and blue eyed girls..yes Sweden:D
  4. Would this Fit My car??? Did find this master cylinder on the net. I onely have this pics and i cant find Bendix TMC61009 on the net. Its to a Datsun/nissan...but what kind... http://images.tradera.com/729/41946729_1.jpg http://images.tradera.com/729/41946729_2.jpg
  5. The TR-6 did have similar too what I use. If not my memory are playing trix on me the TR-6 did have Stromberg 175 CD-2SE x2 and the Stromberg carbs I have did the Tr-4 have, Strombergs 175 CDx2. Manny cars did use Strombergs. for example the famous Swedish car Volvo:classic: did use 175CD-2SE, 175CDUS and we also have Saab:classic: that did use 175CD-2S, 175CD-SEVX,175CDUS. I can go on forever but I think u all will faal too sleep thenROFL. I was lucky and did find my new carbs on a auktion on the net and did pay 50$ for two and that is werry sheap.
  6. Someone more than me that are running Stromberg carbs on there Datsun z?. Have triple Delortos 40 that I will put on later. Damn typing in english is hard...:classic: Som pics of Strombers
  7. Switzerland, Finland, Sweden..same $^!# Different name
  8. swe_crazy

    Dellorto 40

    Nice try..okey I'm from Sweden but im bald and have brown eyes..not blond with blue eyes
  9. swe_crazy

    Dellorto 40

    I dooont think sooo! hehe
  10. swe_crazy

    Dellorto 40

    Stromberg carbs goes out and Dellorto in=) *Triple Dellorto + intake mainfold. *Dellorto 40.
  11. I own a 260z 74, one of few in Sweden :classic: