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  1. Here are some AB valves for sale. Pretty expensive though.
  2. Check here: Tamiya Safari 240z, part 1 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 2 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 3 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 4 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 5 Tamiya Safari 240z, part 6
  3. ...and with catalytic converter that changes "f..k you!" into "love you!":)
  4. Try to contact Mike Feeney:
  5. And books. Do not forget about old-fashioned paper stuff: Both available in Here are direct links: Book 1 Book 2
  6. Check these sites:
  7. These will help, I guess:
  8. Maybe you can try the Australian DIY unit from:
  9. Something like this? Les
  10. Look what I've found when searching UK pages: Nice, huh? Les
  11. Here is Ben's page: It still works for me. Les
  12. Check this: and the group at Yahoo: Les
  13. What is the color of my 240Z? Not green, not red. Not silver neither. Les
  14. Eric Neyerlin, owner of ZPARTS.COM, sells them for 600 bucks. Link to the photo at his site: Les
  15. Motorsport Auto has the replacement antenna mast in their catalog. Item #12-1292 on page 95. I need one too - but it is a lower priority item right now. Regards, Les
  16. Check this out: Les
  17. Thank you Carl for hint. I will e-mail Chloe. Les
  18. Does anybody have pinion drive for Hitachi S114-182 starter for sale? This is a part of starter to 1973 240Z with automatic tranny. Note that starter for manual gearbox is different (has 0.5 mm bigger diameter), so pinions are not interchangable. Help me, please! Weather here in Norway is great now, but my blue beauty must stay in a garage. :cry: Les
  19. I need two: one M for me and XXXXXXL fo my wife. How much will it cost to get the shirts shipped to Norway?
  20. Just look at your avatar Les
  21. Craig, here is a direct link to the product available at MSA: Les
  22. Here are some links: At by Stephen Judkins Headlights by Pete Paraska Les