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  1. Tourniqet

    The completed look

    how would it look with body colored flares?
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. Like I said I will relay this info to him and see if he can dig anything up. Like Montezuma is saying, don't get too excited because the parts are scarce. Also my friend is not a Z nut like us so he won't know all the specific places, but im hoping maybe he will come across one on his junkyard adventures.
  3. that may explain why there are other holes in the pannel besides the one for the 240z equipment...
  4. Ok I will relay these to him and see if he can find them. Thanks for the responses guys keep'um comin.
  5. I had a roomate from Japan over here in the states for 2 years. He recently went home after graduating college. He told me that he wanted to start importing parts from the JDM to the US. I told him I would try to help. At this point we are just trying to figure what kind of demand we are dealing with. If you want any parts from Japan please tell me. Most of this stuff would have to be able to be found in a junkyard so if you want a JDM G-nose kit, I doubt he will be able to find one, but still tell me:) . He would not be able to import whole engines as he is just getting use to imp/exp business. Some examples of things he might be able to imort, all JDM of course: fender style mirrors original steering wheels ECU's small pieces of trim/ bodywork etc. Please let me know what you guys are looking for! Thanks
  6. Tourniqet

    Me in my car

    Ya I was driving to my friends party. I thought I would take my obnoxiously loud z to the upperclass neighborhood to spite all of the rich kid cars...
  7. ya they are nice guys. I live right across from the restaurant that they use to have all their meetings at. I just saw all the Z's in the parking lot and stopped by. They are all nice guys. Lots of knowlege for somebody new to the Z scene...
  8. I have forgoton what year exactly it came in, and even if it was turbo or not... I know it was a 200sx, in the 80s, I dont think it was turbo... I will have to dig up some receits or call the yard I went to...
  9. no its not an LSD. I don't think I would be selling it if it was...
  10. I have a r180 in texas. Its on e-bay right now http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7914508104 I would love to arrange something...
  11. Awesome post! Those are the first dyno sheets I have seen on this forum!
  12. I have a 20 second clip of me revving my car a bit on my phone and let random gear heads i run into listen to it....
  13. oh, ok I just pulled the master cylinder to the side... I suppose it was a lot of stress but. I dont think it hurt anything...
  14. you need to bleed the brakes after doing this ???
  15. ya thanks a bunch greghost and bambikiller!
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