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Best sounding 240/280 exhaust


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I know this has been talked about ad nausium but:

Having had a couple of different exhausts (spent a good chunk of money on the last one) and heard a few other Z's I can say that the range in sound is quite amazing. I could really use some guidance because it will save me a lot of money-- you see, if I don't get it right, I'm just going to keep trying til I do.

Anyone think theirs couldn't sound better? If so, what do you have?

I'm looking at a bunch of stuff. I'm keeping my Clifford Research header (dual 3 into 2) but thinking about:

merging to a single 2.25 or 2.5 all the way back with







Car is NA with 2.8 and SU's-- mild port work and big valves.

Also thinking about adding back a small center resonator as necessary. Anyone got some mp3's of your car like they did with the 350z exhaust in the SportZMagazine test this month?

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I had the Bright:stupid: idea of hanging a PC microphone out the rear hatch and my lap top record a WAV file of me running up through the gears on a freeway on-ramp.

You see, it's my most humble opinion, that MY 240Z has THE BEST exhaust note EVER. And, that it is my duty to share that sweet song with my Z brothers and sisters.

Well, the first second of the recording sounds pretty good. Then the wind noise drownds everthing out.:cry: Back to the drawing board.

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Ok Zedguy, Gav and Victor,

Don't keep me in suspense. You've got great sounding systems... Now tell me what you have. 2.4, 2.8? header, stock manifold? single or dual pipes? from header or manifold down to one then back to two or two all the way? diameter of pipes? glasspacks? mufflers? what brand?



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MSA 6 to one coated

2 1/2 Bent by Morse Mufflers of Burbank California (a true pipe artist)

Turbo style muffer

Chrome Straight tip, ending 2'' past the bumper.

Simple, uncomlpicated, Quiet when compared to my roadster! (It only sets off a few car alarms, the Roadster sets them all off!)

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I have a rather interesting combo which i'm sure gives it that exotic note.

E88 head(With larger L28 Sized Valves).

Mild Duration Cam(Slightly rough Idle).

Headers(Not sure which brand).

The dual pipes run down the car into two resonators which i don't know the brand of either but they look like glass packed ones.

THen straight out the back.

the only exception is that there was some steel wool slotted into place held in by a couple of screws towards the back.

WIthout these it sounds like an atomic bomb and has a high pitch to it in high revs, sounds great through tunnels as it echo's but i prefer it with the steel wool in to give it a slightly less rough bark.

It's like Victors roaster set's off every alarm is very noisy at idle but to be honest I wouldn't want it any other way :).

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I have to say, the exhaust has to be one of the most fun additions to your Z!!! I know I've posted this before, but I really believe it: It defines the personality of your Z!!

My dual system?

-3 into 2 Header

-twice pipe system customized. Cut off the 'collector pipe' and ran each pipe into the header. (3 cylinders per pipe)

-twin glasspacks at the rear.

I love the rumble at idle!! I love the roar under load!! To me, it sounds like a classic '60's supercar!!! (I've even had people comment the same....so I accomplished what I set out to do)


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Thanks for the info guys. What diameter pipes are you guys with the dual pipes running?

Gav, your exhaust goes straight back after the resonators? Did you go under the fuel tank? Your system doesn't run out the stock location in the rear panel?

Also, I'd like to hear from some others about what they have!


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ok this is my first car and i dont know alot about all the names of parts etc....... but ill give it a go.....

i have the twin SU roundtops in an E88 head (stock)

that goes into the genie extractors....then to a 2 1/2 inch pipe for about 1-2 feet then into a hotdog and out in a 2inch pipe then at the rear end of the line it goes into a flare back upto 2 1/2 then into my dump pipe (turbo type muffler big chrome one :D)

i dont consider this an ideal setup but its still pretty loud :classic:

i would like to one day change it to 2 1/2 all the way through for a bit more of a rumble, but what it has no seems to be doing ok, every time i drive down a street people look up and yell at me to bag it up (heh heh gotta love that)

take care yall,


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Bleah, just got exhaust installed on my car today. Stock L24 with 280zx dist conversion, 6-1 MSA header, and Supertrapp muffler. I sound like a friggin rice rocket (wanted a nice deep almost V8 sound). Oh well, I'll live with it. At least it's one of the original rice rockets, and I built the thing!

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You did pretty good for someone who "dont know alot about all the names"

cheers Victor Laury,

my 260z is my first car (my dad convinced me to get it) and i love it, ive been trying to read up a bit on it....

and ive been doing it up a bit of corse....

mine has a nice jap sounding idle but then when i stomp it i have a sweet rumble!!!

take care all,


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I have the 2.4 with weber dgv's and msa 6-1 header into a 2.5inch exhaust with a borla xs straight through muffler. The muffler is a straight pipe that goes from the left side of the muffler to the right, and is perforated on the inside and surrounded by fiberglass type material. It has a 2.5 inch steel tip on it. It sounds very good in my opinion.

I use to have some no name muffler on there with a HUGE tip, you know what I am talking about, the ones that look like foldgers coffee cans tied to the back of civics. Anway I got this new system in and it sounds better but there is NO backpressure.

I kind of want this because I am planning some other free flow mods to the engine, but not sure what i can do in the mean time to get maybe a little bit more power that might be lost because of it.

Anyway here is a funny exhaust story.

I am going to home depot because the bolts from my header to the 2.5inch exhause have fallen off and it sounds like satan himself. I pull up to a stoplight and the regular old harley dude comes puttin on up, and gives me a little nod because he likes the vintage car right. Then he gives me a little thunder from his pipes and looks over to see my reaction. I decided to give him a good 4,000rpm yulp from my car w/o the exhaust mind you, and it totally blew his harley away. He looks over at me and says "Son that is the first time thats ever happend to me"

I drove away with a big smile on my face ROFL

anyway, anyone have experience with straight through mufflers


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When my exhaust fell off Xmas eve last year, i decided (well, the decision was already made i suppose :classic: ) i got a set of Genie extractors (6-2-1) with a 3.5inch collector which tapered to a 2.5inch exhaust with a hot-dog resonator and a small rear muffler. Sounds awesome, cost was reasonable (just). Is a little loud though, cops take an interest when i go past. But the sound is worth it.... :)

Gav's 240z sounds sweet as... mine is similar...


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my car has a 2.8, with a msa header fi with msa big tb, cam and some other motor goodness, 2.5" or 2 3/4" exaust (haven't measured it) to a little 2 chamber flowmaster back in the rear with no seperate resonater. It is somewhere between too loud and way too loud!! When I bought the car in houston I had to drive it back to dallas (4 hours away) we were stuck in traffic it seemed like forever, so when I finally got on an overpass I put a little gas into it. there was a harley type on a bike with loud pipes in the right lane and I saw him turn and look at me to see what was drowning out the sound of his hog!! I almost hit the barrier I was laughing so hard...


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LOL I think our cars are very similar in DB range, I came in at 119db at 4500rpm, and it drowns out harley's too.

When I first got it I couldn't stop smiling at how loud it would be when I gave it stick.

The best is near my Uni there is a train bridge and if the car is warm enough by the time I go through there i sometimes open past halfway and it echo's so loud it sometimes hurts my ears when i have my window down.

The best kick I get is from the people at the cafe's under the bridge area it must blow their ears off I'm mean I know but I always think of top gun when I do it :tapemouth .

My girlfriend who is usually next to me is Goose and I'm Maverick :).

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Mellow , looks like someone did there home work in doing the plumbing. You would think that the larger piping would equate to more power, not necessarly so . 2 1/2" is great for a race engine running at high rpms all the time . The low end torque will suffer but it doesnt matter on the track since you are on the pipe all the time. If you want lower end power you need some backpressure. The 2 1/4 " max will provide all the exhaust movement need and then some and allow you to enjoy the power at street driving speed. I am assuming that you are going to be driving this on the street. Having a section of smaller pipe in the line will help you for power off the line to redline.

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L28 with K&N cold intake (that makes a difference)

MSA 6-2 with 2-1 collector.

2.25" straight-as-a-chalkline to a fast left-right behind the diffy.

Bosal Stainless Steel straight-thru with double tips

It has an unbelievable rumble at idle which grows to a unhealthy resonance at 2000-3000 and turns into a F1 whine at 4+. I'm not going to say it sounds like a V-8 (although many have commented and queried to that end). V-8's sound like $^!#. A straight 6 makes the most heavenly music in the world. There is really nothing that compares. Very loud, yes. But not at all ricer-loud or junk-yard-dog loud. A very...um....polished loud. European loud. Heavenly loud. My ears ring after driving an hour loud. The neighbors smile loud (and I live in a community of rich old-farts with Mercedes'). Every pedestrian on the block turns their head loud. Every ricer I pass gives me the thumbs up loud. People gathered around the grid at autocross cover their ears loud. Wonderful loud.


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The best sounding exhausts on Z's is a 6-2-1 header, with 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 inch pipe and that's it.....LOL

Course, it isn't street legal, and now it's not legal in racing (gotta keep the neighbors happy) but what a sound at 6K-7K....... especially under the cross-over bridge..... even my tired old fat 280 sounded faster than it really was, even with a helmet and balaclava on.....:devious: :cross-eye

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