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brake booster


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Hey guys,

I just got the brake booster off my parts car at the ranch. I think the diaphram on mine is leeking so I am going to replace it tommorow. Funny thing, my friend took the master cylinder off while unbolted the booster from the inside of the firewall. So I did not see exactly how it went together... I think I can figure it out but want to know if I should empty the master cylinder of brake fluid before I go at it... Or any other tips...


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I have seen this said a few times, could possibly be your problem?

"IMPORTANT: When removing the brake booster, or installing a used one, it is critical that you do not pull out the engine-bay side pushrod of the brake booster. The so-called "reaction disc", which is a solid rubber disc about the diameter of a quarter, can fall off inside the booster. The result will very poor brake feel - you will have a deep spongy pedal and then all of the sudden you will get full braking and the car will stand on its nose."

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pulled that out... It was suprisingly unattached also... I thought it might be broken it just slipped out so easy...

but I dotn know if the thing fell.. I only got to drive it for about 5 minutes before I had to entertain the girlfriend :cheeky:.

Anyway to fix it?

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