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  1. K thanks guys! I'll check over there.
  2. Hey guys, sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but I figured since I'm in Texas, this would be the place. Anyways...I am curious how much I could get for this car if I decided to sell it instead of making it a project of my own. I picked it up the other day from a friend that left town...permanently. Unfortunately it has no title. Anywho...it's kinda banged up, but it starts, runs, and handles decent as well. When i heard about it, sight unseen, I assumed it was gonna be a part-out job...but I was pleasantly surprised to see it looks ok, with the exception of the big dents in the driver side fenders. Pics: dent 1: dent 2: Flip up head lights work and everything! anyways, I figured it could be a restoration project or just a driver. what do you think?
  3. ^^^ cannot find a subforum for private sale of cars.
  4. Busy this Saturday? http://www.cowtownzclub.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=275#275
  5. Hey fellow Texans! Just an FYI...the Temple Texas ExtravaganZa Z Car Show will be taking place Saturday, May 21st in Temple, Texas! There will be awards given to the best in show for each category of Z! I've attached a flyer. Hope to see you there!
  6. Yeah, it's mostly over-priveledged kids that don't know what the hell a 240Z is, but the other day I had to educate a 70-something year-old man in a 350Z roadster about where his car comes from! I don't think HE even knew he was driving a Z.
  7. Hey...waitiaminute, it took me a minute, but.... that frog reference is towards my 350Z engine, isn't it? :laugh:
  8. Funny thing is, most 350Z drivers have no idea what kind of car I am driving when I'm in my 240Z.
  9. Both of my girls in the driveway, after their baths:
  10. wow. Sorry about digging up the ancient thread, but just had to have a good laugh! and I still never got that issue in the mail, dammit!
  11. Well, I have no problems with you guys playing devil's advocate. Yes, I did get hit by that van, but since then, all parts damaged have been replaced, not repaired, and the entire car was repainted and looks new. Plus, I am flexible on the price.
  12. Here's what she lookedlike when I picked her up 6 months ago: With bumpers off after paintjob:
  13. I have a very clean 1972 240Z I want to sell. Financial problems have arisen, and she's become a casualty. New paint. All original, except for electronic ignition and 5-speed manual tranny. Runs great but needs carbs worked on. Had some minor body work done to fix what little rust there was. 14" slot mags and white interior. Was owned by a 70-yr old man that died and left it to his family, so it was babied. Odometer shows 95K. Either way, this car has been my daily driver for the last 6 months. No problems, except for the fact that I have never tuned the carbs and go through new spark plugs every month or so! Am asking for $5000....but will negotiate. Would prefer you be in Texas, or willing to drive here. Pics coming.
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