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Any Texas Z Club members on here?


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What is the name of the group? Where and how often do they meet? and is it mostly older z's. Whats the name of the restaurant.

www.zcluboftexas.org = Z Club of Texas = name of the group. No it's not mostly older Z's. Membership wise it could be heavy on the early Z side but representation at the meetings I went to was more toward newer Z's (ZX's). Don't get me wrong I agree there are some nice people there - I just didn't really fit in with that crowd. They meet once a month by the way, somewhere in Plano since the place in Richardson shut down. Go to the website for meeting info.

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Kinda new to these sites. My business partner died of cancer and his family came to Houston and took or sold everything he owned but left a rusty old 73 Z in a leaky old garage. What they didn't know was that old rustbucket was in his mind the most valuable thing he owned and he owned a lot. He always talked about rebuilding it but his condition lasted for 15 years. This car last saw sunlight in 1987. I've taken it upon myself to get the car on the road and in the process have bought 2 more early z's. One sacrificed it's life for parts.

Mark N. (aka rustbucket)

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