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  1. Welll the local Rota agent here in NZ has 15x8 ET0 in 4x114.3 so that size is available however I am looking for the 15x8 ET10 so I don't have roll the rear fenders which is required on a lowered zed (zee for those state side) wit hte ET0 aka 0 Offset.
  2. Here is one place to try for the HSV cast off's
  3. hmm the only pics I have seen of the JDM are either genuine KPGC110 aka GT-R with the GT-R badges or the GT-X with GT-R badging for the GT-R look. These have Skyline in the back middle of the tail lights. With a GT-R on the right hand side. On the side at the rear they have Skyline GT with the GT 1/2 white and red. The G = white background and T = Red background. Then the GT-R badge in the grill. Maybe someone can confirm but does the GT-X have the white/blue GT badge on the side and the GT-R the white/red?
  4. Nice, shame they did not take pics of the race prep'ed zed in the background - see this pic for reference
  5. Thanks for clearing that up and I recall I was asking the list to clear up the LHD and RHD number out as someone told me I could not possible have HS30-00016, I can't recall if it was via a website, email, list or the phone, or even a local zclub member who did not know about the multiply number scheme. Peter still owns the car and I have not heard if he has started the restoration of the car. While on the topic of early cars - last time I heard from Peter he said he had also located HS30-00013 or HS30-00015 in Australia (I can't recall if was 13 or 15) but he told me it was the sister car to 16 as they were same original colour. HS30-00016 was one of the zed's I have owned that I did not take any photos of as I did not own a camera back then - did not own much infact that is why I sold the car to go toward the deposit on my first house. No I didn't keep the email as I left that place of work in 98 so all my mail went with it. Never mind that was a long time ago anyway and we have all learnt a lot more about these cars since. Now that you mention it I would have lost the email I got from Japan about the production of HS30-00016 too Cheers Mike
  6. I love reading this thread - but it does make me think that I should never have sold HS30-00016. It was very rusty but I could have placed it in storage and restored it - however the guy I sold it to was going to do that. Interesting is that the HS30-00016 had date stamps that showed 1970 ie in the glove box was the original key number tag with a date stamp 1970, the seat belts were 1970 and even the plugs leads on the car (which needed to be changed, but I kept the original ones due to this fact) had a 1970 date on them. Maybe I should track down the car and see if I can purchase it back. Re Zed74 shoe throwing comment - re minds me of when I first registered said HS30-00016 on a website back all those 14+ years ago (IZCC I think and I was member 500+ish). I got an email back tell me not possible as HLS30-00016 was in the USA and this person told me that my car must be a fake as Nissan used the same numbering for both LH and RH cars. I did try and point out that I could also proof a few other numbers listed as HLS30 matched HS30 numbers so this person then said maybe they were wrong about the single numbering system. At the time that put me off visiting website to improve my knowledge of these cars. I am pleased that Kats has been kind enough to 1. Find this info out 2. Share this info with us all Also thanks to the others that have added good info/debate to this thread - I don't visit CZCC as often as I should I am sure we are all much better off knowing this info (well those interested in the history of these lovely Japanese designed/assembled/manufactured cars)
  7. period correct is my reply - RS Watanabe's were listed on the JDM sport option catalogue back in the day and the great news is that you can still get them today
  8. Could well be - much like the Paul Newman R30 Skyline (here is a link to one of the original ads On another note it will be a sad day very soon when Paul does pass as he is not very well at all. And as many Australian/Kiwi's will remember the Ford Falcon XC Corba Coupes which were all the remaining XC Coupe with some engine work and a white paint with blue stripe and some badging, was just a marketing exercise to sell off the last of the XC bodies as the new XD falcon was already heading to the dealers showrooms. Worth a bit now for just a run out special too.
  9. Found it
  10. There is a website around that shows that car getting restored - it has had a complete new front, and extensive rebuild. It is a PS30 by the way too that is a 432 Fairlady Z factory fitted with the S20 DOHC 2000cc in-line six, we I get some more time I will see if I can find the URL to the site.
  11. Sounds like ignition issues to me - check the coil, plugs etc we had a zed here in NZ (my old 240z) that got the same issue and it turned out to be the newish coil I installed before I sold the car died. A new coil corrected the issue in this case.
  12. Like the twin pipes at the rear - so does this mean you have non L28 under then engine bay? Either way nice touch.
  13. Courtesy Nissan have the pistons listed on there site see
  14. You could use the Kameari rods - they make a few different types 138mm and 139.5mm see and Or try and find some L14 rods which are 137.6mm long (I used to have a set but you need 2 sets of 4 to get 6 rods but I sold those to a guy in Australia)
  15. I recall seeing a picture somewhere of a 240z with a MX5 (Miata) screen on it - it was nicely done, had round tail lights, headlight were changed too. Re the hearse thing again I did have seen a pic (in black and white) on the web of a 240z with that type of setup too - not the best looking thing on the earth but if that is what you like - Now I just have to find a pic again of both cars....