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  1. I have two turn signal and combo switches from later model cars probably 260z that are in my 240z. The first one I clean up for the turn signals had very little buttons for contact points the second one I cleaned up looked really good but where carbonized. So I took the best of the two. I went and bought the 3 pole double throw switches and will wire those in so I can get the current load and the wiring done correctly for the turn signals and brake lights. I already have relays in the engine bay that I need to wire up for head lights, coil if needed and one for clean power for the interior dash lights. Waylon
  2. 1st off I have a 1971 240z 2nd my hazard lights work fine 3rd Turn signal switch only has three wires to it. Green, wht/blk and wht/rd must be from a later model of car 260z most likely. 4th Combo switch is probably from 260z also, it has 12 wires to the singe connector. There are three extra to my harness that someone spliced the plug in on both sides. I just looked at a unmolested 240z plug and there are only 6 wires to the main combo switch connector. These are the following wires that are loose from the 71 wiring harness. Some I know what they are for, others Don't have a clue and the crappy wiring diagrams don't show them. For Turn signals: Gr/Blk---- right rear brake light/Turn signal Gr/Rd---- left rear brake light/Turn Siganl Gr/Blk---- right front turn signal Gr/Rd----Left front turn signal Gr/Y---- from brake switch -hot when brake is pushed White---- hot when ignition is at Run Rd----? Blk----? Blk/Y----? These last three wires are not hot at all and are not grounded to the body. So it looks like I only have one option to get the turn signals and brake light switch to work is the write up from WWW.zhome.com on the (triple pole, double throw) 12V coil relays? Why is my hot wire with ignition on the (White wire)? Where's the Green Wire, I've looked twice, three, four times. Any ideas what the Red, Black and Black/Yellow wires for? Any help please I am tired of guessing on this stuff. The headlights I got to work finally after reading a post about the combo switch carbonizing. Waylon
  3. I found the thread on the combo switch repair and I have lights. I am short a front turn signal. I will take apart the turn signal switch again and add some solder to the contacts.
  4. Ok I went out and checked the wires at the head lights there are no hot wires, I check the wires/ two fuses in fuse box and still red wire is dead. Both fuses have continuity also. I check the red wire going to the column and it's dead as well. Is there a fuseable link for the head light wire some where in the engine bay? Waylon
  5. I already have all of this and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I have done plenty of wire on other types of vehicles and I just can't under stand why they wire these cars like this. The other problem is the previuos owner hack the wire at the column and the colors don't match any more. the wiper motor has no power either. Is there a way to get the dash lights brighter? Waylon
  6. Can some one give me some advice on trying to figure out how to get the head lights to work again on my 240z. Is there a relay on the passenger side kick panel that could go out? Drive lights work fine out but the turn signals only work in the front not the rear? So from what I got from another thread the light switch on the left should ground the wire so the head lamps come on correct? Waylon
  7. I already have the shop manuals. The wire colors to the actual switches are different than shown in the manuals. You show me where the White/red wire from the turn sigan switch is suppose to go when the P.O. has cut out the connector so now I have 6 plus wires loose. I have all the down load wiring diagrams and stuff.
  8. Come on guys doesn't anyone have some good photos of the column wiring for a early 240z. Someone take some photos of each of the connectors and post them please. Waylon
  9. blackjack

    tach wiring

    Ok I have a 71 that I put in an 81 motor with the 81 alternator. I need to wire the tach up. I have no idea if the tach worked prior. What do I need to do to get this to wire up. To get this car running I cut the black/white wire and green wire that go to the coil and have spliced them together in the engine bay. I ran these two wires to a relay so I can get a full 12 volts to the coil instead of I think I measured 6 volts or something that it was prior going to the coil. Any help please.
  10. blackjack

    Wiring help

    Does anyone have any detailed photos of their column wiring? I found to pictures on this site but I need better photos. The PO really hacked the column wires up. I would take a picture but my camera just gave up on me. Looks like the PO cut out one of the connectors for some reason. I think it's the wires from the turn signal switch to the brake lights. Ok Here's whats going on. From the turn signal switch to the wires that have been cut and sort of soldered to these following wires. From switch White/Red soldered to Green/Blk From Switch Green soldered to black/yellow & a white wire with flat spad connector From switch White/blk soldered to Green/Red wire Then there is also these three wires Green/red, Green/yellow & Green/blk wires coming from under neigth the dash up the column that are all soldered together. This just doesn't make sense. Then from the Combo switch to the connector and after the connector there are three wires that have been cut and are loose. From the combo switch to the connector the wire change color to these and than have been cut and are loose From Combo switch White/blue wire - connector- turns to blue/white and cut From Combo switch Red/blue wire - connector- turns to blue/yellow and cut From Combo switch yellow/blk wire - connector- turns to blue and cut Waylon
  11. I saw a post about adding a hot dog near or around the tunnel to the exhaust , what is a hot dog? Waylon
  12. blackjack

    First Drive

    Hi all, Hopefully you all can help me with these couple of questions. I just got my 240z running and able to drive around the block. I just put in a 81, 280zx motor and 5 sp tranny. 1. Is it normal for the tranny in first or second to make a whining noise in first and 2nd gears? It sounds like driving a Older Corvette, that's all I can give you as an example. I have never driven this car before. So I an not sure what to expect on noises. 2. I also put in the 3 into 2 headers and the turbo exhaust system. Does anyone have that exhaust system in ther rigs? I get a lot of loud crackels on excellerating and decellerating. It's sound like a rice burner in a way. I read some where in a post that at a certain rpm there is a resonance that this car creates with this exhaust system? 3. When you step on the brake are you suppose to hear a hissing sound from the vacuum booster. Some times I get a rough ideal typically at start up. Looking for some input on sounds. Thnks. Waylon
  13. You should just be able to drop it right in. It may be a little bit longer maybe by a half an inch or so. You should be able to retain you stock drive shaft what ever that may be. The other item I have heard being an issue but maybe in the 1970 models is they will have to cut the tunnel cover a little to make the shifter fit correctly. Or use a different shifter that has a (S) bend in it. Waylon
  14. Is that true about the BMW hermonic balancer swap. There are a bunch of BMW's here in the junk yard in San Diego. I was looking at the Euro damper in the Motorsport magazine but didn't want to spend the money on it right now. If anyone knows about this please chime in. Thanks.
  15. Update: I had the valve cover off so I used a large spanner to hold the cam in place just in case the inpact wanted to move the crank shaft. Using the impact was a very very quick way of doing it. Came right off. These L series engines are so much easier to work on compared to V8's. It's such a pleasure to work on something like this for a change. I don't know why I didn't think of the impact wrench. Well one is I don't have a garage but I do have a compressor and a portable tank though. Thanks again for the ideas guys.
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