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  1. David do you have a price for your old Z new owner? Chris
  2. I will. Thank you again. Watching between GoT episodes Haha. Already learned so much from first hour. I will be taking carbs off and cleaning again. Chris
  3. @7tooZ thank you so much for the DVD. I'll be watching it and I'll see where I went wrong. I am going to toy with this end of the engine then further investigate before tearing parts off. Love the Z community!!! Thank you, Chris
  4. Well I am back... busy with my business and figured I would tinker(bc looking at non running beauty kills me). It takes work to get a to start after it sits for a while. Once I did start it and adjust idle screw(still no ztherapy dvd) my fuel gauge would read 3-4 psi. Once warm and idling rough(I feel) and at 750-800 it was below 3psi. I have never dropped the tank nor changed the fuel pump. I have changed the filter from the tank pictured earlier. Would I gain or narrow anything by routing a line direct from the filter to the hard lines in the engine bay and the return direct to tank? Eliminate the hard lines under the car for a test? Change the fuel pump for a new one? Still searching for an answer for the ole girl. Chris
  5. Hello Z family, ***Disclaimer I am completely new to the older Z world. I have an 03, 08 nismo now the papa 240z. *** I purchased the Z feom BaT. Car started and drove perfectly. Under throttle and idle. It had a straight 3" exhaust and I could not take the "noise". I swapped the headers and exhaust for the Zstory system. Header through to the twin muffler. I took the car out for a drive and giving it throttle it starts to cut out around 5k and then shuts down. I restart and the same thing. When I first got the car home I was driving around town 30+ miles. Car shows Breakfast cruising. Loud cruises. But no issues at all. Cars fuel level would be above 1/2 tank at the minimum. Tank level now is at 1/8 full. I am going to assume I have sucked something in the lines but unsure. Take looks clean outside. No rot or major rust. I am going to drain the 1/8 in the tank clean the filter and clean out(change the easy lines the ones I can see). The Z has an electric fuel pump installed. Zstory header and exhaust. Su round tops with k&n filters. Could the su need rejet? Clean out? Am I thinking right with the fuel system? And is there anything I should be looking for or at whole under the car? Thanks everyone in advance for any help that would get me enjoying the Z. Chris 20180708_160609.mp4 20180708_160609.mp4
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