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  1. Maybe when you get that spreadsheet done you can post it in the downloads section, that's a great layout.
  2. You should do alright, all of your mods are desirable and very well done. glwts
  3. @Electrolabs, Alex, is that you? Just trying to save you from making all the mistakes that I have made.
  4. Mark, I have never seen anyone do powder coat in sections with applied heat the way you do but seems like you have it down to a science, it's very impressive, you could powder coat the entire car with your technique. The "paint" would be tough as nails.
  5. Did you use EvapoRust or some kind of acid? In any case you need a new one, I'll have a look through my stuff, I might have one.
  6. I use to worry about when I first put it up and I'd be out there after every snow fall clearing it but one winter I was layed up with an injury and there was over a foot of hard heavy snow on that tent and it was just fine. The fabric is 20 mils thick and is stretched with 10-12 built in cargo straps and ratchets so the skin is a stressed member over the frame. It wasn't cheap but it's 10 yrs old now and going strong.
  7. But the short driving season means more time to work on them, I don't work out there in the winter, that's strictly storage.
  8. It's going to be a while before I can really get going on this one but I can work on all the stuff in the boxes in between other stuff. She arrived this morning just after a big dump of snow, my plow guy was late so had to shovel a path to the storage tent. the last pic is showing how low some PO cut the springs, the fender lip is digging into the tire and the car is stripped of all weight.
  9. Without bushings in them they are exactly same, easier to produce one part than two, same goes for the rear control arms.
  10. I'm sure you know but a lot of us have found it's best not to cut out all the rust at once, it makes the body flexy and sag if you're not careful. Better to repair the P/S floor first then onto the D/S floor pan then the dog legs and so on. That is certainly true for the 240z's and maybe not so much for the ZX's because they are a little stronger but just thought I would mention it, as dutchcarguy says, you don't want to weld in permanent errors.
  11. Well clean as least, quick not so much, a few projects and obligations have to finished first but I'm not bitching, too much to be thankful for.
  12. It does look solid, engine bay is silver, Nature abhors a vacuum and that car sized void in my storage area has been sucking pretty hard, look what it hoovered up, a 1973 510, body done and painted this last summer, all glass, all chrome, most of the interior and comes with a SR20DET and matching 5spd trans. The guy I bought it off put 7 yrs into it but realized he would never finish it, I know I certainly will. Boxes and boxes of stuff to go through, can't wait
  13. Found this list on 510realm today, didn't take note of who posted it and can't find them now. Good info,
  14. Thanks guys, I found a fastener list for 510's on the 510realm so I'll put that in the proper forum.
  15. Are you referring to either of these links? I'm not seeing any info on fasteners.