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  1. The other 2 gauges are held on the same way the clock is, just a couple of wing nuts if I remember correctly.
  2. I agree, at times air is drawn in through the valve cover vent and that would be difficult if there is always the positive pressure from blow by from the bottom end.
  3. Having removed and replaced that center heater control/vent many times I would suggest you remove the glove box cardboard and access it from there, the 4 stiff wire cables going to the various vent levers can be a real buggar.
  4. Steve, that looks like one of the dedicated tools for crimping those fasteners, I'm sure mine cost a lot less, $6.00 at our version of Harbour Freight, PrincessAuto.
  5. I couldn't swallow that price either so I just use these and they work perfectly.
  6. I don't think it really matters but I would assume there would be more oil mist coming from the crankcase, you won't believe the stuff that accumulates in the can, in racing circles it's known as a snot can for a good reason.
  7. I run this baffled catch can, https://www.ecstuning.com/b-ecs-parts/ecs-tuning-baffled-oil-catch-can-8oz/003779ecs05-02~a/ It is configured as your #1 setup, works great. @AK260, beautiful engine bay!
  8. Ah come on man, give yourself some credit, they asked about the paint because you did a damn fine job on it.
  9. If were going to add a tire size calculator then this is the page, https://www.blocklayer.com/tire-size-calculator.aspx Also does transmission gearing and a bunch of other calculators that might be useful.
  10. I have 195/60/14 Falken Azenis on my 510, good looking tire and although I haven't pushed them yet they seem to be pretty sticky.
  11. A tire calculator is always fun to play with to try out different sizes, https://tire-calc.com/
  12. As long as you haven't run into thin heater duct sheet metal held on with wood screws you know your PO wasn't too bad. It looks like you'll need both outer rockers at least, you may be able to save the fenders with repop fender patches, https://tabcoparts.com/16721.html There are more expensive, more accurate patches but Tabco is not too bad.
  13. The water/oil gauges don't fail very often from what I know, I think you could p/u a used one fairly easily especially in your neck of the woods lots of parts Z cars in your area.
  14. If it is just moving on the outside then it will be much easier to solder up, just make sure you go through the usual measures for cleaning the tank and purging it of all vapours. I like using the vacuum clear on reverse so it is blowing fresh air in.
  15. Swivel is not good, do you have any leaks around where the feed line enters the tank? Both the feed and return lines are crimped on then lead soldered, I've repaired one with plumbers solder. The question is did that feed line start turning because the crimp and solder failed or did it rust through? You'll find out when you drop the tank and have a look inside.
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