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  1. What a great site! OK seems like they are Western Clyclone II Western 1976 Vintage Wheel Catalogs.htm
  2. I think they are called Turbines, I just bought this set for the 510, hoping someone could give me any information on them. They are 14"x6.5"
  3. I can remember exactly where in this build thread, perhaps @wheee! could give a better idea but the front rail replacement is covered well. There a few more threads that cover the subject but Wheee's is the first to come to mind.
  4. Trev is a master tin beater, love his videos.
  5. That's a good point though, on an older assembly you will have to crack the nut CW to tighten it and that's not going to be easy. Me, I would crack it loose first and then re-torque. 180-240 lb.ft. that's a lot of spread on the tolerance, but as CO says you really shouldn't be able to change your reading. How many miles on the bearings?
  6. And when you have done all of the above you can try this incantation, GET the F__K IN YOU MOTHER F__KING PIECE OF S__T!!! As you repeat those words violently shake the end of the transmission while pushing it forward toward the engine. This method has a surprisingly good success rate.
  7. I like the use of the paint stir sticks, I'll have to borrow that one next time.
  8. That's a good point, I'm firmly in the rubber camp except for the steering rack, sway bars and mustache bar, I just don't hear anything different than with rubber or at least I don't notice it. But the best thing I ever did in the way of comfort and handling was pull out the stock one person bench seats and replace them with seats from the 350Z, they are wonderful.
  9. and that would be all of them except FOX.
  10. Yeah but the Fonz would never wear yellow gloves.
  11. You could bead blast them and spray a clear coat but I think wet or vapor blasting would bring them out very nicely. Wet blasting doesn't remove any detail from the lettering and leaves a soft shine whereas straight bead blasting will soften the edges of the detail.
  12. I've seen a couple of tanks that had a leak and repairs in that spot, maybe a PO put a drain bolt there to release the water from pooling.
  13. The October Surprise this year might be Marshall Law which will postpone the election, then voting will be allowed only in "safe" areas tightly controlled ...
  14. Mark, I forgot you are right in the middle of that mess, I guess you are trying to avoid going downtown.
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