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  1. The brake & gas lines are done, I widened the exhaust pipe hole in the rear cross member and the Ermish Racing exhaust pipes arrived as well as the DBX Flowmaster muffler. I bought the DBX separately because I've used them before and I think they have richer sound than the Super HP that Ermish sells. I was ordering a few more rubber parts from http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-510-parts.html that I missed on my first order and notice the Roll Center Adjusters/ Bump Steer Spacers they sell, they're $35 per set! That's a 1/3rd the price of everyone else, I ordered a set and they are quality pieces, 10.9 grade bolts and they fit perfectly. So there is no more avoiding it, time to put the mask and ear protection on and start making a mess.
  2. They are great, when you go over train tracks too fast with the hard poly bump stops it's a bone jarring experience, the urethane foam bump stops are much more forgiving as they engage sooner and compress a little more. I have them on all four corners and love them.
  3. Don't forget that all that Democrat pedophilic cannibalism happens in the basements of pizza shops, without that detail it looses all credibility.
  4. Exactly, perhaps the heat shield vibrating where a bolt is missing, a bolt or washer that isn't fully tightened. A loose clamp on the exhaust pipe or a loose nut in the pocket where the header pipes meet.
  5. To his credit TonyD is a smart guy and has a lot of experience to offer, but it's like that phase they use on kids report cards, "Doesn't play well with others"
  6. HybridZ is very different now, polite even. Once TonyD stopped posting things changed quickly.
  7. I can't see the pic you posted as it is all black on my screen but going from a gas gauge I have on the shelf, it only has 3 wires in a 4 wire connector. 2 of those wires are to the fuel level sender, the other is a ground. 2 Yes you should chip off all the undercoating and the screws should be underneath. 3 All depends on how original you want to be, hex bolt is easier to remove than a rusty Phillips screw 4 Same as above, SS will do the job. 5 http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/Elec__Products/Connectors/Boots/boots.html
  8. Nice work if you can get it, hard to find something more enjoyable than reassembling a fresh Z. I would pay for my own flight but I would probably be looking at a big fine when I came back across the border. Covid criminal. Hope you find someone close by to help you, maybe post some pics when you get her back on the road?
  9. Those look like Zedd Findings floor pans to me, you would need to remove all that seam sealer to find out what kind of a job was done. An older re-spray for sure, a new dash cap, original seats with new seat covers, lots of potential to be a very nice car but not $30,000 the way it is.
  10. Name me a brand that doesn't have major problems? Ford, Chev, Nissan, they all have pros and cons, none of them seem to be any better than the other. I only stick with Ford trucks because I know their quirks, for me replacing a coil once a year is a minor inconvenience on a truck that otherwise is reliable.
  11. That's quotable. Yeah, mine is a Ford, misfires are just part of owning a Ford That reminds me of "I'm not racist, I hate all people equally.
  12. They stole the keys? That's just vindictive.
  13. You would want to raise the P/S coil up towards the top of the shock so it looks like the D/S, the proper collar tool is nice to have but in a pinch you could use a piece of aluminum rod and a hammer. The bottom collar is the locking nut so once the top collar is adjusted properly you'll need to hold it where it is when you tighten the bottom one. Clean any grease off of the mating surfaces of the two collars, that will help with the grip.
  14. I was just about to say that😄 You're right, the juvenile snipping that goes on in many other forums can get awfully tiresome and that is one of the great things about this forum. It's our little corner of the internet where you can let your guard down. The #7 cylinder on my truck throws a misfire code at least once a year and I know it has eaten another coil, I keep a new coil on the shelf all the time for when it happens. No idea why it's only #7, the threads are clean, all the plug wires fairly new.
  15. The rear sway bar doesn't mount to the body so could they be referring to the front sway bar? Quite often the front sway bar will actually hit the body frame rail when in full compression unless you include a 1/16-1/8" spacer above the bushing.
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