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  1. No, but checking out as many pictures as possible...
  2. Hi Captain Obvious, I have an original of that one. I’m looking for the actual instructions that came with the kit. I have a kit but no instructions. I suppose I can wing it but if someone out there has a copy that’s even better. Datsun installed a kit on my original 73 car for the vaporlock issues and I’m doing the same on my current 73. Thanks for your reply... Mark
  3. Does anyone out there have a copy of the original 1973 V-3 fuel rail insulation modification instructions that I can get a copy of? Thanks, Mark
  4. Good luck with your under taking, I would love a set when you get the finished product. I wish I had an original set to send to help you out. We need more innovative people like yourself. Mark
  5. Hi, I believe the part number you are looking for is 21060-N3600 Mark
  6. Zup, Look at BlackDragonAuto.com page 34 they have fuel pump filters for 70-75 240-260z part # 55-703 Mark
  7. Hi All, Looking for these parts in good shape any help would be appreciated. 1973/74 cars have these on the balance tube. Thanks, Mark
  8. I have bought from him several times and never an issue. He's doing some parts for me now. Not sure what Barker4tf5 issues are... Mark
  9. Mike has it just sent him a check for a can...
  10. You are correct on all. Trying to stay OEM if all possible, car is too original not to go full bore. The parts are out there just having trouble getting my hands on them. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hey all looking for parts to finish reinstall of my original flat tops. If anyone has these sitting around I would like to buy them. 16087-N3304 large water pipe (copper I believe with steel fittings) 14731-N3301 small vacuum tube (steel I believe) Thanks, Mark
  12. Thanks Carl, Just dropped carbs off today for a rebuild and to sort out parts that did not come with the car. Have my work cut out but got the winter to take care of everything. The search begins... Agree the orange car does not seem up to par with miles they indicate really depends on weather it was driven in and how it was stored. The dealer this car is at bases their prices off a 280 Zzzap that also had low mileage that they sold high. The fuel line wraps were an add on if you had vapor lock issues. I had a 73 and they were dealer installed when I started to have those issues. Not all cars had the problems and they tried other remedies as well as you probably know. I'm going to have the inside of the exhaust manifold ceramic coated to help with the heat issues along with the back side of the heat shields. Don't tell anyone... Ha Ha. Keep up with all the great knowledge to all of us, we all appreciate it. Regards, Mark
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