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1973 carb parts needed.


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Hey all looking for parts to finish reinstall of my original flat tops. If anyone has these sitting around I would like to buy them.

16087-N3304 large water pipe (copper I believe with steel fittings)

14731-N3301 small vacuum tube (steel I believe)




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I'll take a look, but I don't think I have any of the parts you need. Maybe I can maybe offer some info though?

The large water pipe is copper with flare fittings on the ends. They might even be standard flare tubing fittings. If you get stuck and can't find real OEM stuff, then you might be able to make something with parts from the home improvement store. I'm no metallurgist, but I bet brass ends would probably work as well as steel in that application, and the malleable copper part should be easy to find.

The small vacuum tube is port vacuum to control the EGR valve. I don't know if 73 used metal for that line or not, but I can tell you that in 74, that tube was rubber. Unless the EGR end of that tube gets too hot for rubber, then I can't see a reason it needs to be metal.


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