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  1. 3 lbs, really? yea, i think ill take your advice and get a regulator...
  2. running an aftermarket electric pump for now, the stock 240 pump no longer works. I am getting 6.5lbs now.
  3. still running the stock pump. As of now, I have not messed with sync'ing them at all. Just now got everything installed, car is still a rolling shell...been down for over a year now, and just wanted to make sure that with the bigger engine and different carb setup than the old flat tops, that my efforts to adjust them wasnt going to be wasted because of an insufficient fuel supply, or that the pump is just not working correctly after being down so long. Have to admit I have been dragging my feet about getting a sync. tool, been busy at work and keeps slipping my mind. Was actually hoping that one of the guys at the dealership (I am a parts manager at a ford dealership and we just bought a nissan dealership) would have the tools to get it running right before I send it to the body shop. I am sure there are plenty of past threads that go into detail about setting them up, but if anyone wants to enlighten me I wont complain. thanks!
  4. ok thanks, I will chick and make sure the pump is working ok then turn to the carbs I guess. This is all new...both the engine and carbs are brand new. Thanks again!
  5. OK, I just put a reman Nissan L28 that I found at a dealership in my 73, and a set of new SU's from Zeddsaver. It starts and runs great, but only if the choke is pulled, and only at low rpm. I can piddle around the parking lot at work just fine, but as soon as i put some foot in the pedal, it boggs down like its starving for fuel. Before I go and start messing with the carbs, I wanted to first see what you think is the correct fuel flow volume and pressure for a set of SU's on an L28. No other mods except headers. Thanks You!!
  6. perfect, was hoping to hear that! Thank you.
  7. I have a 73 that I am about to put a 2.8L in..will my existing clutch setup with the 4 spd work ok? Or do I need to get a different clutch? thanks!
  8. Has anyone out there bought one of these from Zeddsaver? I am putting a 2.8L in my 73, and priced a complete assy.(manifold, air cleaner, linkage,) from him at 1200. I would like to know if this seems reasonable, or someone who has bought from him to see if they are as good as he says. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok, I have just hit the jackpot...I am the parts manager at a Ford dealership, and we just acquired a Nissan dealership. They had more old parts than I can describe, and amongst them was a brand new N47 head. I am restoring (slowly, haha) a 73 model with an E88 head. I was about to send the engin out to be rebuilt next week, and need to know if the N47 head will work, and which head would be better to use. Should I reuse the E88, or go with the new N47? Also, I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on which cam kit to put in. I have ordered from both Vic. British and Motorsport, and am looking for a new cam kit that will give me a good range, 1500-5000, with a fairly smooth idle, this is going to be a daily driver and dont want to go anything to crazy. Also....if anyone is looking for any NOS parts, if you give me the part number, I can check and see if I have it...there is a bunch of stuff....some of which I have already got! I appreciate any help you can give me!
  10. I am looking at a su setup on ebay, item number 140016078700. I know this is a dumb question, but my engine is at work and I cant look to see if it is 2 bolt or a 3 bolt setup. My car is a 73. Will this 3 bolt setup work on my 73? Im not sure if the 73 used both the 2 bolt setup and the 3 bolt setup. If I knew they would work I would consider paying the 275 and buy them now. Any advice?? Thanks in advance.
  11. skinnyz


    DS door jam, color is jaguar liquid silver
  12. skinnyz


    engine bay after
  13. skinnyz


    engine bay after
  14. skinnyz


    new floors from Zedfindings
  15. skinnyz


    engine bay before
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