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  1. Yeah, I agree. I can't really wrap my head around our disparities in measurements. We seem to get the distance to the pivot mounting flat, and our pivots seem to be the same dimensions. However, we get different measurements from the bellhousing face to the pivot even when I take my extra washers into account. You don't happen to have the original pressure plate that came with the car do you? My theory is that the one that goes with the 71A transmission is actually taller than the one that goes with the 71B. I'm getting pretty close to putting this into the cold case files anyway. I did take some 3d scans of the inside of the bellhousing just in case I want to reference it later. You can check out a preview here: https://platform.standardcyborg.com/sharescan/igyMyZc7. I took a couple that I'll align and mesh together at some point, but just let me know if anyone wants the raw data.
  2. I just pulled off my transmission again to measure this, and I get the same as you - ~135mm to the flat. I remeasured the distance from the transmission face to the pivot, and I now get 105mm with my extra 4mm of washers. I must have made a measuring mistake the first time. I’m uploading my amended drawing below.
  3. Ok, so that's very interesting - your pivot is only ~2mm taller than mine, however you measure only 105mm from the bellhousing face to the pivot, whereas I have 116mm. I wonder where those extra 9mm are coming from. Looking at the two pictures inside our bellhousings, the transmissions certainly look identical.
  4. Thanks @240dkw - interesting that you get different numbers than mine. I’d love to trace down the disparity if you’re up for it. Can you measure the height of the pivot itself, from the top of the ball to the bottom of any washers it’s sitting on? Mine measures 29mm with the single split washer it came with, ~26mm without.
  5. I did the same search, and couldn't really find anything either. At this point I'm pretty convinced that either the original pivot was longer, or that the original pressure plate was even taller than the standard 240Z ones. I don't have any documentation indicating that the pivot was ever replaced, but that receipt I posted above leads me to believe that the culprit is likely the pressure plate. Can any of you regulars think of any other names that are likely to be hanging onto early 71As that we could summon to this party? I would love it if the answer was the pivot, because I could probably fab up a replacement given the dimensions. A pressure plate, not so much.
  6. Probably the right choice
  7. Nice find @Zed Head! My car is 11/70 so it would make sense I would have the early part. Definitely very interesting that it states "no interchange". I dug through all of the paper work that I have on the car, and it looks like the clutch was replaced once in 1996 at a Shell Service Center. Not to knock on the tech J. Patrick, but I'm betting he was no Z-Doctor and may have put in the wrong pressure plate. It would be great to hear from other owners with first year cars to see if their pivot is indeed drastically longer than the later models, or if their pressure plate is significantly taller. Paging @duffymahoney - do you happen to still have the 4-speed and pressure plate you pulled out of your Series 1?
  8. @Patcon ah sorry I misunderstood. I think you’re right that the 71B has a plate that effectively raises the height of the pivot. It’s possible that the 71A is just badly designed and always had throw problems, or that it relied on an even taller pressure plate that nobody really remembers.
  9. Ok I reinstalled everything with two extra washers under the pivot to give it an extra ~4mm of height. After bolting everything back together (man I’m getting fast at this) the throw feels muuuch better. I don’t quite have 115mm from the fork to the bellhousing, but I’m getting ~125mm which is good enough for me. I’m going to call this good for now and try to wrap up the rest of this build. I have plenty of other scary things to figure out so I’m confident I’ll be back soon. I’ll post an update in this thread once the engine is in just to validate that the clutch is actually working and has decent pedal feel with this solution. Thanks for all the help everyone - I hope someday someone can come up with an explanation that makes sense
  10. It certainly doesn’t look like there’s supposed to be an extra cover there. I’m not sure what it would fasten to, plus the hole that the pivot currently goes into is already threaded. Having two threaded holes on top of each other would be a weird design choice and would likely lead to cross threading/spreading. Remember, this is a monkey motion F4W71A transmission and I believe it’s the lack of that cover that ZedHead pointed out earlier.
  11. I would just love it if that were the case. Here’s some more media. IMG_1636.MOV
  12. I put the entire original original clutch setup back on this morning (collar, fork, pressure plate, friction disk) and my measurements are even worse! I now measure over 140mm from the bellhousing face to the depressed fork, and have less that 10mm between the back of the fork and the back of the fork window. This means one of two things: 1) This has just always been like this, or at least as far back as anyone remembers. My father-in-law doesn’t remember having any clutch issues, but it’s possible this setup was just barely over the threshold of working. Unfortunately the clutch master seals were dust when I got the car, and it was shortly after replacing the MC that I started down this whole rebuild road so I have nothing to really compare to. 2) I’m doing something deeply wrong with how I’m putting things together, and I’m making the same mistake with the new stack up as I am with the old. I don’t think there’s too much room for error here though, especially with the amount of pictures and videos I’ve been posting. Can anyone think of anything else dumb I might be doing? I made a quick drawing of the dimensions to compare to @EuroDat’s. Interesting that the bell housing edge to nose tip is off by 8mm between out drawings and the bell housing to pivot is off by 13mm. I’m not sure what that means though. I’m going to try shimming they pivot and installing the new clutch/collar again this afternoon. If that works, then I’ll probably just leave it and move on with the rest of this build.
  13. You and me both! It's hard for me to get in the garage on weeknights, but I'm hoping to find some light at the end of this transmission tunnel this weekend.
  14. Heh a ruler will do just fine. This has been documented in several places, but never with all of the collars at once, and never with the relevant measurement. My diagram [here] is basically what I'm looking for, but with real measurements instead of computer magic and ideally with bearings attached. It's not critical, just something nice to add to the archives if you're bored on a weekend.
  15. Any chance I could convince you to take pictures of all of the unique collar types with calipers between the ears and the bearing mating surface? I’m planning on writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novella on my saga and it would be nice to have some good pictures to go along.
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