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  1. Where is this place? My luck it's not in my area.......
  2. lance75_280z

    My wheels

    Sorry for the delay but no. These come from the ZX's. I had these on my first 77 280z back in 1989. I just had to get some more when I got this one back in 2002....
  3. OK...I can call my Z buddies over. I'm a mile outside of DC....
  4. I had to take this pic just because....
  5. That's the original white interior w/ the original maplewood steering wheel...
  6. My buddy Klick wants to have it painted again the same color soon...
  7. I'm really liking his muffler & it sounds perfect!
  8. A 75 280z & a 72 280z in the DC area. We still have work to do......
  9. Which ones you girlfriend? ......That's a nice 240!
  10. Purchase price: $300 Body is dent free but a few rust spot Under carriage is solid I've had my 75 for almost 3yrs. I've only invested (SO FAR) almost $1000. Most parts that I have are still in the box.
  11. lance75_280z

    Living Space

    What kind of seats are these?
  12. I like the old way. Alot of times I like to make the picture larger & use them as wallpaper at home or work. Just keeps my mind on the Z's. It's not stealing, it just motivates me & gives me visual ideas...
  13. did you get these rims redone? Did you do it yourself? I'm tryin to get mine like this.......
  14. I have my pics on zdriver.com as well under my same username........
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