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  1. This service from Ztherapy has been absolutely outstanding. This assures me of my decision to purchase my 260Z round-top conversion from them last year.
  2. Assuming the valvetrain has already been removed, that's all I can think of.
  3. I did that to my '74. Before (black plastic pieces removed) Shocks compressed and welded After Once you take the bumper off of the shocks, you will see a small screw in the middle of the mounting flange on the shocks. Remove this screw and the pressure will be released from the shock. Compress it to your desired length, and weld/drill/bolt it to secure it there. Hope this helps.
  4. That's exactly what I thought. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/SDC02F/10-2240
  5. I repeat....this thread is NOT about a differential mount. Thanks to TomoHawk for the info. I'll look into it.
  6. I'm aware that the RT diff mount uses a Chevy trans mount, but i'm looking for a replacement for the factory transmission mount. If the Chevy mount works for that too, that'd be awesome.
  7. Does Energy Suspension or any other aftermarket company make a transmission mount for the original L26-4 speed combo? Mine is shot and I don't wanna shell out $70 for the factory replacement. I've searched everywhere but came up empty.
  8. I would have taken all of that stuff off before I took the glass and everything else off. Color looks good, though.
  9. You're welcome. I had my tank chemically cleaned at a local radiator shop and it looks MUCH better now.
  10. Ah......this thread brings back memories. :sick:
  11. The one word of advice I can give is make SURE every little nook and cranny is wrapped/taped around that engine bay. Overspray can creep into places you wouldn't believe and you wouldn't want that on that nice engine.
  12. Buy 260Z, swap bumpers, be happy.
  13. So, I'm getting back around to finishing the brake project that I started oh so long ago. I'm going to clean out all the lines and everything, and I'm wondering how I need to clean the proportioning valve and the fault warning light switch. Should these just be blown through with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol or do they need to be disassembled? If so, are there replacement (rebuild) parts available?
  14. Good luck man. It's worth it!
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