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  1. Man that sucks! Thats where I live, I was just up the road at that time. I will be sure all speakers are secured in my car when it is done.
  2. are the rear shock tower covers in good condition? What color?
  3. Wow you guys are great, thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I cannot take credit for the "cowbweb" mod, however I did spend some time with the car tonight cleaning it out. I removed all of the carpet and seats and it seems alomost perfect under there. I will post some more pics tomnorrow. there are a few body issues I will have to deal with like that left rear quarter panel, but my grandfather gave me the car for free so I won't complain. Those are weber down draft carbs and it is an l24 engine. Should be fun...:paranoid:
  4. this is not letting me upload attachment you can get it here. http://mysite.verizon.net/j.edalgo/260z.pdf
  5. So I just got my 260 with a "new" l24. I will be getting into it this weekend but I thought I would post some pictures and see what you guys thought. I may be in over my head but I uess I will find out. It has not been driven since 88 and used to run great. Although it has been kept in a garage since then I see surface rust. Oh well, I just hope you guys like me cause I will have to spend plenty of time here asking questions. For your viewing enjoyment, here are the pictures of my zcar endeavor.:nervous:
  6. I am interested in finding out more info on this as well.
  7. Why did it smoke? Were the carbs the cause?
  8. So my 260z arives next week, I am inheriting a project car from my grandfather. It has a L24 engine with about 4,000 miles on it and a Dual Weber set up. I know there may be varing opions on this matter but being a newbie are there drawback to having tis type of setup. Should I budget an SU conversion? I just need something that runs good and perfoms well. Any help would be apprieciated. Thanks - J
  9. I hope this isn't too off topic but this is my favorite z movie, sorry not on the big screen but I love youtube. Sorry if you guys have seen this before but I just saw it for the first time this morning. That thing is nuts.
  10. Thanks Tom! I do appreciate the free advice. I am going to do just that.
  11. Oh yes I want to do the work myself, that is the fun of it right? I will probably leave the painting to a pro but that is about it.
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