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Dual Weber Carbs

Project Z

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So my 260z arives next week, I am inheriting a project car from my grandfather. It has a L24 engine with about 4,000 miles on it and a Dual Weber set up. I know there may be varing opions on this matter but being a newbie are there drawback to having tis type of setup. Should I budget an SU conversion? I just need something that runs good and perfoms well. Any help would be apprieciated.

Thanks - J

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Yup, you'll hear lots of pros and cons to the dual Webers.

FWIW, I do prefer the SUs. In my opinion, good SUs will perform as well or better than properly set up dual down-draft Webers, and probably give better economy as well.

But good SUs are expensive. Most of the used ones you will find will probably need the throttle shafts rebuilt, at best.

So if the Webers you already have are set up well enough that the car runs decently now, I'd leave it as is for the time being and spend your money on other things that it needs.

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