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  1. I think I've read a couple of those over the years.
  2. Disclaimer: While you might be tempted to use tooth powder on your windshield, don't use this https://tinyurl.com/24vedxpb on your teeth. 😎
  3. I remember tooth powder. The homemade equivalent is baking soda and a bit of salt. Shake it into the palm of your hand, rub the tooth brush on it, and brush.
  4. You can give patching a try. But, rust is a little like icebergs in that often you only see the tip of it and a lot more is hidden. Poke around and see how solid the surrounding metal feels. You may end up replacing a whole panel if you plan on keeping the car for years.
  5. Use this link: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic08f If you plan to totally rebuild the seats, you'll need new foam, new upholstery, maybe seat webbing depending on year of your Z, spray paint for side rails and seat frame & back. MSA is the source I used recently and I'm pleased with materials and results.
  6. Nice job on the clear seat protectors. Having just made, and then remade, a set for my seat reupholstery project, I can appreciate the work that went into your great looking product. They should sell well.
  7. psdenno


    48 stars and 13 stripes from a time before those off shore places became states.
  8. Or a telegram. Some of those rotary dial phones had a hard time with text messages. 😎
  9. And let's not forget that it's listed on "anything goes" CraigsList where for the $5 listing fee you could call it a custom bodied Corvette since there's no title.
  10. It does have louvers in the hood and battery and M/C lids sort of in the style of a true Scarab. But, no sign of ever having a rear spoiler or Scarab emblems.
  11. I think the only thing this Z has in common with a Scarab is a V8 motor. No Scarab emblems or other identifying markings.
  12. That's kind of how it works. Pay the asking price, make your own, or go without. We're now living in a time when the best time to buy is yesterday.
  13. Unfortunately, those parts we buy don't jump into the shipping boxes all by themselves. Rising labor costs have made everything more expensive.
  14. It must be new upholstery season. I've got the passenger seat out and have repainted the frame and side rails, rewebbed the bottom cushion support, made new clear plastic protectors to go between upholstery and metal side pieces, replaced the original foam cushion pads and upholstery and am almost ready to start putting it all back together. I discarded the jute. I also wondered about its original function and figured it was just a breathable filler that had more "give" than the actual foam cushion. Maybe part of the reason for the air vents in the seatback upholstery.
  15. You're welcome. Let us know what you end up doing with the flares.
  16. psdenno


    Like @heyitsrama, I thought it looked like the radio bracket.
  17. I used Rivnuts to attach my flares. The curvature of the flare brings the top edge of the fire snug with the fender. There are a couple places where I could insert s sheet of paper snuggly between flare and fender, but I believe that is more due to irregularities in the flare or the fender. A solution to eliminate even the smallest gap is to run a section of vintage VW Bug fender welting between flare and fender. I had initially planned to do that, but was pleased with how closely the flare fit to the body without it. The welting is wide and you would need to cut triangular shaped pieces out of the lower part to facility bending/curving and leaving a gap for the attaching screw that goes into the Rivnut. Here's a link: https://www.jbugs.com/product/6730.html?utm_content=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm6KUBhC3ARIsACIwxBiqriBdDnm73bShSLTwe7wbl9b8efluH6ub93oOYRCG-rVc4Rjo2tAaAmZ9EALw_wcB
  18. The front fenders would be easy. But, why not Rivnuts?
  19. I've been working on reupholstering the seats this week while listening to this.....
  20. Not just gasoline for cars cars contains farm harvested content, but also jet fuel. A story on the news yesterday showed how plant based cooking oil from airport restaurant deep fryers is being converted to jet fuel.
  21. For the first time in the 51 years I've been pumping gas into the tank of my 240Z, today it got to try some $6.09 a gallon gasoline. It's got to be better than the 25¢ a gallon gas I used to give it in 1971.
  22. By "low, or no, speed" I meant when parking or maneuvering in and out of tight parking spaces at speeds under one mile per hour due to the increased size of the rubber to pavement contact patch. Once the car gets rolling, steering effort seems no different than with original width tires and acceleration is what it is with a 50 year old sports car.
  23. I have the 15" Konigs on my '71 Z with the tire size you mentioned earlier. They fill the wheel wells nicely with no rub. Steering effort at low, or no, speed is more difficult than with the original 14s and narrower tires. For me, it was a good upgrade.
  24. Do you have the '71 aftermarket AC with the old style compressor mounted by the fuel pump or a later style rotary compressor?
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