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    HLS30 021986 engine 24L 028272 Mfg date 2/71 purchased locally in 1975 from 1st owner, now has 60k total miles, Original green paint with tan interior, no obvious rust. Only driven on warm sunny days, stored 6 months of the year, 3.90 rear gears, 83 5-speed trans, Bob Sharp rear sway bar for the occasional autocross, US Indy Wheels, original spare tire, 1980 Dizzy, MSD coil, Dana cruise control added for boring I-80 trips to Colorado and fun mountain roads.

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  1. Here are a pair of 72 240Z's on CL in Lincoln, NE. I have no connections to them. Here's the link to the slightly better one. http://lincoln.craigslist.org/ctd/2723881129.html I stopped and looked at them and they are quite complete, but apparently have not run since being taken out of storage. The white one has lots of rust showing. Interiors are trashed. Probably parts cars in my estimation. Same dealer and phone number for both cars.
  2. Probably went down the assembly line the same day. I haven't gotten mine out of winter storage yet, maybe in another month when its a little warmer. I dont get on the forum very often unless I have the Z on the road, so I'm rather slow to respond to messages.

  3. Seems like our cars were factory acquaintance . I have HLS30-21975.

  4. Ran across this article on the value of 240z's. Hope my 71 is one of these http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2011/autos/1102/gallery.affordable_collectables/index.html
  5. If you are getting 160 degree water to the radiator with a 190 thermostat, then I would suspect the thermostat is stuck full open. That would explain the slow warm up at least. Try a new one and see how it works. Good Luck
  6. Welcome, good to see a new Z-car owner here in the heartland.
  7. I added an electric pump to my 71 and it primes the carbs faster after storage. I run both pumps during normal driving without any problems. I did add an inertia switch to cut off the electric pump in case of a crash.
  8. I used a similar generic headlite harness on my Jeep and discovered it is important to mount the relays upright and in a reasonably dry location so water does not get inside. These relays are not weather tight and if water gets inside they will not last long. On my 71 I used some GM weather tight relays and 240Z connectors from a parts car to make my own plug and play harness.
  9. Frankie, your trip through Colorado brings back great memories! I took my 71 through there 30 years ago and the mountain roads were so much fun I had to turn arround and do some of the sections a second time Never had any mechanical problems, but the Z was only 8 years old then. Keep the trip updates coming.
  10. My Z has a lace on leather cover from Black Dragon (I think). Its been on for a long time and still looks good. My 2000 Accord has a Wheelskins leather cover that you lace on, but is different from the Black Dragon one which uses a fairly heavy cord. Its been on for 5 years and is finally starting to show some wear (character?). The Wheelskins come in lots of colors and take an hour or two to lace on if you want it to look nice. I believe their website is wheelskins.com.
  11. If you have the name of the person you sold it to, you might be able to contact them and find out what they know about the car's history. Otherwise you might try to run a carfax on the VIN to see if it shows up as being sold sometime recently. Carfax wont tell you who owns it, but it might be a lead on its existance.
  12. Actually one plug wire position would be 120 degrees of crankshaft rotation. The crankshaft makes two rotations for 1 distributor rotation. I havnt messed with my oil pump so I cant help you get that sorted out, but I'm sure some else here on the forum has.
  13. Hagerty here for the last 2 years on my two old cars (Z and 69 Nova) both mostly stock. No claims. If you carry an umbrella policy in addition to your other insurance, you will need to up the limits on the car coverage. Hagerty had no problem with that but it did add about $20 a year which is still way less than regular car insurance.
  14. Check your differential mounts. If the front one is bad, the differential will jump up under load and hit the floor. The rear mounting bolts can also cause noises if they are loose. Good Luck
  15. My 240Z shop manual shows the body harness connecting to the instrument panel harness somewhere behind the glove box and running back to the tail lights and other things. Besides the tail lights the body harness has wires for the fuel gage, dome light, rear window defroster, radio speaker and side marker lights. I've not seen an aftermarket wiring harness for the 240Z, so hopefully you can find a used one in decent shape. If the tail lights still have the original 4 pin wire connectors attached it will make the harness replacement simpler. Good Luck
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