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  1. Zup

    Are you still out there???? give me a call when you have time 303.827.1642. or e mail me at [email protected] give me your number and i'll call you!! Im ready for the butterscotch interior.

    Thanks Reed

  2. Zup

    This is Reed Nevers the guy in Colorado that wants to buy your Butterscotch interior give me a call so we can get r done 303.827.3264 thanks Jim i willtalk to you soon

  3. Hello I am looking for the plastic shrouds that cover the windows, vapor box, and the quarter panels. Seat covers, and door panels if possible. Let me know my number is 303.827.1642. Thanks R
  4. I would really appreciate that, send me pictures of whatever you have, if its not a problem. Thanks for all your help. My 72 z is an orginal dark Green with butterscotch guy before me painted it black big mistake. talk to you soon
  5. Once again! Does anybody know of any butterscotch interior parts left on this planet!!! Been looking-Zup how about you got any left? Reedemon
  6. Nissanman I don't know how to thank you for this info, it's pprinted and added tomy scroll of z jibber. But, I figured it out it wasn't the regulator,it was the frigging white wire it separted from the molex. replased the ends connected it together now it works fine. I put 150 miles on today cruising the peak to peak highway here in the rockies was nice up there today. Say in touch talk to you soon Reed
  7. Thanks guys for your help, I only disconnected the battery for a few seconds to see if the alternator was truly working old school garage trick gramps taught me. Anyhow Nissanman I would like a copy of the procedure if you have it available so I can tune the regulator I have the necessary voltmeter to do adjustments any help would be appreciated. Talk to you soon.
  8. Forgot to mention I have a completely stock 72 240z
  9. Hoping someone could help. I replaced the alternator, voltage regulator, and fuses. The charging system is working and charging the battery, however the output of the alternator is peaking at 16 volts and overcharging the battery. When I remove the negative terminal and and take a voltage reading the output of the alternator now reads 24 volts. I'm confused. Is there another regulator I'm un aware of? Help would be appreciated! Thanks
  10. Absolutely i will dowhat I can to help you as well the PO that had my car painted everuthing black and the panels were perfect. Reed
  11. thank you for your help Let me know what you come across my phone number is 303.827.1642 Reed Nevers
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the plastic interior shrouds that surround the windows and quarter panels? I am having a hard time locating the parts. Much help appreciated
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